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Riffyn Enters Multi-Year Contract with Novozymes for R&D Data Analytics

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Riffyn, a leading provider of cloud-based scientific process design and
data analytics, announces a multi-year partnership with world-leading
biotech company Novozymes which secures use of Riffyn as a pillar in its
digital strategy for global R&D.

In the past two years, Novozymes has realized significant benefits to
its R&D capabilities and outcomes. Today, several hundred researchers at
Novozymes use Riffyn to collaborate on the design of experiments and
structured data collection for advanced analytics. Riffyn supports
hundreds of processes and several thousand experiments across almost all
scientific domains at Novozymes.

“Riffyn facilitates collaboration on experiment execution and data
analysis across our global R&D sites. It plays an important role for us
in our journey towards data driven discovery. Riffyn delivers clean,
analysis-ready data to our data lake in real-time, which our scientists
are able to immediately harness for sophisticated data analytics,” says
Torben Vedel Borchert, Vice President, Novozymes Discovery.

Novozymes has realized significant benefits to its R&D capabilities and
outcomes including:

  • Real-time access to clean, integrated data for advanced data analytics
  • Faster learning cycles spanning cross-functional teams and global R&D
  • Integration of Riffyn within an open ecosystem of data lake and data
    analytics technologies

“Novozymes’ pioneering digitalization efforts have defined a reference
architecture for globally integrated data analytics in biotech R&D,”
says Timothy Gardner, Founder/CEO of Riffyn. “We are delighted to enter
this long-term partnership with Novozymes and serve as a pillar of data
analytics architecture.”

Application of machine learning and AI to scientific R&D data has been
hampered, to date, by the heterogeneity of data and the constant change
of R&D processes. Researchers commonly report spending 80% of their data
analysis time cleaning and preparing data. Traditional data systems have
failed to address these issues because they lack the structure,
flexibility, or data accessibility needed for fast-paced R&D cycles and
modern data analytics. Riffyn resolves these issues with “scientific
blueprints,” a patented computer-aided-design approach to science that
breaks down silos to deliver clean, contextualized, and connected data.
Riffyn automatically integrates heterogeneous scientific data in real
time to feed machine-learning and AI while continuously adapting to
changing R&D processes.

About Novozymes (

Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with
customers, partners and the global community, the company improves
industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and
helping build better lives. As the world’s largest provider of enzyme
and microbial technologies, Novozymes’ bio-innovation enables higher
agricultural yields, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient
production, renewable fuel and many other benefits.

About Riffyn (

Riffyn’s pioneering software-as-a-service platform for scientific
experimentation solves previously intractable data fragmentation and
data sharing problems in R&D organizations. Using patented technology
based on “scientific blueprints,” Riffyn breaks down data silos to
provide deeply integrated data sets for real-time analysis and global
access. Riffyn supports eight of the top 15 global biopharmaceutical,
biotechnology, and food technology firms.