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RIMSYS Continues to Lead the MedTech RIM System Market With Its Much Anticipated Regulatory Intelligence Product Release, RIMSYS Insight™

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RIMSYS Regulatory Management Software, the leading and only Regulatory Information Management (RIM) system platform designed specifically for the MedTech industry, has just released RIMSYS 3.0.

RIMSYS 3.0 now offers curated regulatory news along with changes to laws, regulations, and guidances that are timely and linked to customers’ specific products, markets and the other customizable filters available to each company. Additionally, the integration of market entrance requirements for the top 50+ global markets further strengthens the already powerful RIMSYS Registrations workflow, which manages medical device and IVD registrations at the SKU level.

“Information is meaningless unless you can apply context to it as it relates to your company and products. As regulatory professionals ourselves, we know the specific pain that is experienced by our customers. The user experience should be seamless, fully integrated, and intuitive enough that, regardless of how long that person has been in the industry, they can pick up our software and use it out of the box,” said James Gianoutsos, Founder & President of RIMSYS.

RIMSYS was built for and by regulatory affairs professionals, enabling teams to digitize and automate otherwise disjointed, paper-based and manual processes. RIMSYS has spent the last year working with customers from some of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers to develop the requirements that seamlessly integrate their business processes with its existing ecosystem of cloud-based regulatory affairs software solutions. This includes global product registrations, submissions management, standards management, essential principles and more.

“There’s simply no other holistic and vertically integrated solution quite like RIMSYS out in the marketplace. Our initial features were focused on bringing MedTech companies together to collaborate and connect with each other internally. Built on this solid foundation, our latest release truly empowers and connects them to the entire global regulatory landscape. We expect the results for our customers to be shorter product submission timelines, improved compliance and stronger operational performance overall,” said Brad Ryba, CTO of RIMSYS.

RIMSYS is a holistic approach to modernizing, digitizing and automating regulatory affairs activities for the MedTech industry by providing a single source of truth. RIMSYS is now aligned and positioned to continue its growth and mission of “creating regulatory order for the medical device industry™.”


RIMSYS is a Regulatory Information Management (RIM) platform designed specifically for the medical device industry. RIMSYS offers a suite of cloud-based regulatory affairs software solutions to simplify and manage global product registrations, standards, essential principles requirements, regulatory documents, changing regulations, market entrance requirements and more.