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RIVAC Inc. Has Released an iPhone App ‘FrontShot’ That Displays a Straight Frontal View of Any Plane in Real-Time Even If the Camera Is Pointed from an Oblique Direction

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RIVAC Inc. has announced the release of an iPhone App ‘FrontShot’ that enables real-time display and shooting of a straight frontal view of any plane, even if the camera is pointed from an oblique direction. Operation is simple, and you can see a straight frontal view of any plane, such as a document or wall, through the camera.

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How to shoot (Graphic: Business Wire)

How to shoot (Graphic: Business Wire)

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[Background of FrontShot development]

There are times when you want to shoot a straight frontal view of an object such as a document, wall, poster, or time-table. In cases like this, it is convenient if you can just point your camera from an oblique direction, and see the straight frontal view. FrontShot was developed to make this possible. Even if you point your camera from an oblique direction, any sort of plane —documents, walls, etc.— can be viewed as a straight frontal image.


Has three modes: horizontal plane, vertical plane, and slanted plane.

– Can handle any plane

The app can handle not only horizontal and vertical planes, but also slanted planes, and thus it is possible to see a straight frontal view of any plane. Naturally, it is also possible to see straight frontal views of ceilings. (Ceilings are regarded as horizontal planes.)

– Simple operation

Operation is extremely simple. For a horizontal plane, no special operation is necessary. Simply point the camera, and the straight frontal image will appear. For a vertical or slanted plane, the orientation of the plane must be designated (automatically or manually), but if the mode is set to automatic, a straight frontal image will appear just by pointing the camera, as with a horizontal plane. Operation is simple in manual mode too. Just point the camera in the direction of the plane, and press the button. A straight frontal image of the plane will appear.

*In the automated mode for vertical and slanted planes, the system calculates the direction of the plane by recognizing the horizontal and vertical lines which appear.

– Display in real-time

Processing is performed at high speed using our unique technology, and this makes it possible to display straight frontal images in real-time.


The app can be used for a variety purposes including: documents, posters, whiteboards, time-tables, buildings, signs, pictures, lettering and pictures drawn on the ground, and online sale items (clothes, books, CDs, other flat items).

[App information]

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Check at the App Store. (A free trial is available. The product version can be purchased from the free version via in-app purchase.)

Released : August 5, 2019

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