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RobotShop Will Favor Remote Work Even After Covid-19 Crisis

Sponsored by Businesswire, the world’s leading source of robotics technology, announces today that it is transforming its business to favor remote work for the majority of its activities, even after Covid-19 Crisis.

Since its founding in 2003, RobotShop has grown to become the most visited robotics website in the world. Present in several territories including North America, Europe and Asia, RobotShop sells in more than 200 countries in 6 different languages. On September 22, the company announced a major milestone with the launch of its marketplace that allows manufacturers and suppliers of robotic products to sell directly on its e-commerce platform.

“Until now, RobotShop’s head office in Quebec has been the decision-making, functional and operational center for all our activities. Although we had a few remote collaborators, we have always been reluctant to extend policies favoring remote work for fear of losing our strong culture and our efficiency” said Mario Tremblay, CEO of RobotShop. “However, the Covid-19 crisis has changed this false perception. Our contingency plan will now become our permanent way of working. In addition to the advantages of remote work for our employees, the decentralization and offshoring of certain activities will allow us to recruit talent from all over the world, which will offer better agility, flexibility and will help us face the shortage of manpower in certain sectors.”

The company intends to offer the best of both worlds to local employees in Quebec by maintaining physical locations and adapting office spaces and common areas. Most of the workstations will be depersonalized in order to allow employees to work as they see fit, thus helping to break the isolation caused by working at home. This work organization will help maintain a strong corporate culture and will continue to encourage meetings in order to preserve family spirit and facilitate brainstorming sessions.

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RobotShop is the world’s leading source of robotics technology. It provides personal, domestic, and professional robots, development platforms, kits, and specialized robotic parts. RobotShop is also an important source for robotics education, innovation and research.

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