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Route Announces Strategic Partnership with Pattern, Rises as One of Utah’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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Route, an emerging e-commerce customer experience platform, announced a strategic partnership today with Pattern, a leading e-commerce company that helps clients manage online shopping channels. The partnership will provide growth capital to Route in order to expand its Lehi, Utah-based team as well as help secure clients for the Route platform. Pattern is a well-established player in the online retail space with clients such as Wal-Mart, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and Skechers as well as hundreds of other major retail brands.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Pattern,” says Evan Walker, Founder and CEO of Route. “Pattern has a strong presence in the e-commerce space and will play a major role in accelerating our growth of merchant partners.”

With their recent launch in January, Route has already acquired nearly 800 online retail partners, 300,000 customers, and a waiting list for an app that was just announced and already has over 35,000 users.

“Route’s growth is mind blowing,” says David Wright, CEO of Pattern. “What they have accomplished in just a few short months since their launch has certainly caught the attention of the tech and venture capital world and has been thrilling to watch. Their product is a natural extension to offer our client base in furthering the online buying journey after purchase.”

“We realize how unique of an opportunity this is to align ourselves with such an ideal partner in our space this early on,” says Walker. “David and the team at Pattern really understood our value proposition in the market right away which gave us tremendous validation as we shift into our next gear with the release of our full product suite this summer.”

About Route

Route is a one-click premium shopping experience for online ordering and the only way to view all of your online orders, from any merchant, visually in one place. Online shoppers can insure and visually track everything they order online in one centralized app. E-commerce merchants can add Route to their online store by enabling one-click solutions for their customers for shipping insurance, visual package tracking, and one-click claim handling. Route has offices in both Silicon Slopes, Utah (HQ), and Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit

About Pattern

Pattern is the world’s leading growth intelligence organization for e-commerce, offering a full suite of monitoring, compliance, sales, advertising, fulfillment, and growth services for hundreds of customers across six continents. Pattern operates multiple global distribution centers offering support to retailers and other consumer brands who want to sell online around the world. For more information, visit