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Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule, Returns to Critical Mass Radio for Second Appearance

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Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule, to appear for a second time on Critical Mass Radio Show. Roy discusses the SetSchedule business model, the reasons he believes real estate is such a hard business to succeed in and why he ultimately opted out of the VC model. Critical Mass Radio Show is the brainchild of the host, Richard Franzi, who has been interviewing thought leaders and CEOs for over 10 years.

“I think that the real estate industry is a very, very big, confused industry,” says Roy when asked why he chose the real estate industry. “I think it’s the biggest confused industry on the planet. SetSchedule crashed into the industry based on the problem, and based on the need, and based on the solution that we came up with. Ultimately, I know we picked this industry because of the complexity, the size and the fact that it’s so ripe for adaptation by the end user, by the real estate professional.”

SetSchedule was founded in 2014 by Roy and Udi Dorner to provide technology solutions to real estate professionals. Combining the first-of-its-kind patented real estate marketplace where real estate agents can acquire leads on demand from multiple vendors and an easy to use suite of SaaS solutions, SetSchedule strives to meet the evolving needs of real estate professionals. By leveraging AI-powered predictive data, trend insights, and automated marketing software tools and machine learning, SetSchedule delivers better business efficiency to agents, teams, brokers, franchises and industry verticals. SetSchedule is the technology innovator revolutionizing real estate businesses and data services.

Recently, SetSchedule rolled out SetAds, a marketing platform allowing industry verticals to broadcast directly to SetSchedule’s nationwide network of real estate agents. Tailor-made ads allow businesses to control how their brand is seen while customized landing pages provide detailed analytics to discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. Real estate partners are then able to use this data to boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Critical Mass Radio Show is live every Tuesday from 4 – 5 pm PST, with a video and podcast version made available the following day. Learn more about SetSchedule at and learn more about SetAds at