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Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule to be Featured on SalesTechStar

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SetSchedule’s co-founder and CEO, Roy Dekel, will be featured on for a question and answer interview about best practices in B2B marketing and technology sales. SalesTechStar is a sales-focused publication that offers written content and audio podcasts to business minded individuals. Roy will be discussing how he came to disrupt the technology and data industries with a patented lead marketplace and suite of SaaS tools, how he scaled his business to become the 5th largest growing real estate company in the US and his best tips for selling B2B technology solutions.

Roy explains the origin of SetSchedule, stating, “Initially the idea was let’s build a solution and not just another tool. We built this great ecosystem around our lead marketplace, SaaS products and support in a well defined real estate space. We redefined a category that didn’t exist before SetSchedule, and still doesn’t exist outside SetSchedule, in order to deliver better business efficiency to real estate professionals.”

Roy co-founded SetSchedule in 2014 with Udi Dorner to provide technology solutions to real estate professionals – and it’s been revolutionizing the way agents connect with homeowners and buyers ever since! SetSchedule’s innovative multi-patented lead marketplace and easy to use suite of SaaS solutions adapts to meet the ever evolving needs of real estate professionals. Leveraging AI-powered predictive data, trend insights, automated marketing software tools and machine learning, SetSchedule delivers increased business efficiency to agents, teams, brokers, franchises and industry verticals.

SetSchedule recently also launched SetAds, a marketing platform that identifies and targets an audience using proprietary data algorithms, user purchasing behaviors and informed marketing statistics. Clients get the most out of each marketing dollar by allowing industry verticals to broadcast directly to SetSchedule’s nationwide network of real estate agents. Tailor-made ads allow businesses to control how their brand is seen while customized landing pages provide detailed analytics to discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. Real estate partners are then able to use this data to boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Roy’s interview with SalesTechStar will be published at the end of March. Learn more about SetSchedule at and learn more about SetAds at