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RS2 Focuses on North America, Pursues Single, Global Payment-as-a-Service Platform

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RS2 Software, the leader in omnichannel payments processing, today unveiled its vision for North American markets, focusing on providing a single, global Payment-as-a-Service platform.

Drawing on its success in Europe, RS2 is looking to power global commerce initiatives in North America, built for growth and profitability with particular emphasis on allowing developers to build and own their own payments ecosystem. This embedded payments approach enables its partners to manage and control their own solutions, giving them complete ownership of the merchant relationship.

Today’s digital and diverse marketplace means businesses need a payments platform that integrates with complex environments, meets customers’ growing needs, no matter the channel or currency. Our embedded Payment-as-a-Service platform allows businesses to roll out new innovations without burdensome and complex integrations.

According to International Banker, digital banking and 24/7 online shopping have put pressure on the payments system to keep pace with international, round-the-clock payments. Rapid data analysis, as well as the need to remain in compliance with a complex regulatory framework, also present challenges to achieving an effective, global payments system.

In the US, innovation is accelerating technological pressures on payments systems with demands for industry-specific solutions, the need for alternative payment types, and instant payments coupled with real-time infrastructure needs. At the same time, increasing regulatory and fragmented merchant requirements — along with growing omnichannel demands — are adding to global and domestic complexities.

“Our vision is to empower our partners with intelligent solutions that inspire the future of global commerce,” said Daniela Mielke, CEO, RS2 North America. “Our single, global Payment-as-a-Service platform allows our partners to not be restrained by innovation but to instead build a robust solution to meet current demands with the confidence that they’ll be able to meet the needs of future payment options.”

“RS2’s platform powers some of the world’s largest financial institutions and has established full transaction functionality together with full-stack support for running all parts of the payments business,” said Chuck Danner, chief product officer, RS2 North America. “We believe focusing on North America, and the challenges in this market, are the next steps in that process.”

About RS2 Software

RS2 is one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud payments platform. RS2 supports some of the world’s largest institutions and processes thousands of transactions per second in every major currency supporting all aspects of payments. Our single global payment processing platform reduces the number of intermediaries required to integrate payments and value-added services into the merchant’s business, all while enabling the secure and trusted delivery of payment services. This new approach creates a single solution to accept or issue payments anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Europe and Denver, with offices in six countries, RS2 leverages its global experience to build elegant payment solutions for more than 14 million merchants.