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RSA SecurID® Access Announces FedRAMP “In-Process” Status

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RSA (@RSAsecurity), a globally trusted partner for some of the world’s largest and most risk sensitive organizations, today announced that RSA SecurID® Access, the world’s most widely deployed identity assurance solution, has achieved the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) “In-Process” status. Receiving this designation from FedRAMP means that RSA is on its way to secure access for federal agencies and public sector organizations in the cloud with RSA’s Cloud Authentication Service.

“Government agencies increasingly need to support the workforce through both on-premise and cloud applications, which requires an authentication infrastructure. By serving as a formal sponsor to RSA for FedRAMP certification, we hope to help other federal agencies modernize their infrastructure and secure their agency mission,” said Kenny Harrison, Division Chief of the Telecommunications Office at the U.S. Census Bureau.

As federal agencies continue to modernize their IT infrastructure to support dynamic workforces and ensure agencies can achieve their mission, having a trusted and secure authentication solution that supports the dynamic federal workforce for civilian, defense, intelligence and contractor ecosystems is critical to protect sensitive information.

With today’s announcement, federal agencies and public sector organizations advancing cloud-first initiatives will be able to expand to RSA’s Cloud Authentication service and realize the benefits and additional capabilities of the solution, including modern multifactor authentication options – such as mobile push, device biometrics, FIDO and One-Time Password – in addition to authenticator factors like hardware and software tokens.

To survive and thrive in the current environment, organizations are seeking solutions that optimize processes by using cloud applications. However, a proactive approach to digital risk is required to ensure successful adoption. RSA SecurID Access minimizes identity risk with a unique hybrid model that integrates all the on-premises and cloud components into a unified solution, making it faster and easier for on-prem customers to connect to the cloud. This approach also protects SaaS and legacy applications across public clouds and private networks, while also providing a consistent user experience.

“For decades, the on-premises component of RSA SecurID Access, RSA Authentication Manager, has been widely deployed by federal agencies, providing identity assurance at the highest levels available,” said Rob Carey, VP/GM for RSA Global Public Sector. “Today’s announcement that we’re in-process for FedRAMP certification further proves our commitment to serve our federal customers as they continue moving from on-premise systems to cloud-based IT. They can be assured that RSA takes their trust and security seriously and that we’re bringing that to the cloud.”


The “In-Process” phase will begin on November 19, 2020. It will be available for U.S. government agencies through channel partners.



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