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SabineTek Showcases Innovative Wireless Microphone SmartMike+ at CES 2020

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Sabine Technology (SabineTek), a leading innovative startup focused on mobile acoustics audio processing and communication, showcased its award-winning SmartMike+ at CES 2020 which just concluded on January 10 in Las Vegas. As an innovative wireless microphone, SmartMike+ is the best companion tool for individuals to shoot videos with their smartphones or cameras. It won two CES 2020 Innovation Awards in Headphones & Personal Audio and Mobile Device & Accessories categories.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

At CES 2020, SabineTek was reported on by much of the media including Süddeutsche Zeitung which also did an exclusive interview with the CEO. During the 4-day event, SabineTek attracted a lot of visitors, especially many customers who wanted to be SabineTek’s distributors in countries including Australia, Germany, France, India, the United States, Spain, Thailand, Japan and the United Kingdom.

This time Sabine brought several products, among which SmartMike+ stood out. SmartMike+ is the world’s first true wireless microphone transmitted through Bluetooth, boasting features such as the mini size, the multi-device connection, the long transmission distance, and the automatic caption. Coupled with smartphones or SLR cameras, it can provide wireless capture of high-quality sound, as well as two-way transmission and sound mixing for videos, perfectly freeing vloggers and video amateurs from audio problems. SmartMike+ caused a sensation at CES 2020 as it overturned the public’s traditional understanding that video recording with HD audio must be done through external wired microphones or professional audio capture devices.

With its powerful features, SmartMike+ can be applied in many recording scenarios.

When recording an event, it is inevitable that two people will speak at the same time. In this case, simply turn on the smartphone Bluetooth and connect two SmartMike+ devices to enter the TWS mode. SmartMike+ will send noise-reduced sound back to the smartphone in real time.

For example, when recording a conference, one of the SmartMike+ devices can be used as a Bluetooth transmitter and the other as a receiver. The former can be plugged into the loudspeaker/camera through a 3.5mm conversion cable, and the other can be clipped on the speaker to real-time transmit the noise-reduced sound to the loudspeaker/allow the cameraman to record the sound from a distance.

When doing a live stream, the user can use one of the SmartMike+ devices as a Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into his/her smartphone through a 3.5mm conversion cable, and clip the other one on him/her to realize the real wireless Bluetooth live streaming. Distance and cable will no longer be trouble for streamers.

SmartMike+ weighs only 14g and can last up to 5 ~ 6 hours on a single charge. Its sampling rate is as high as 48KHz/16bit, comparable to CD sound quality. At the same time, it uses multiple digital noise reduction technologies to effectively filter air flow and environmental noises, restoring the most realistic sound source. For interviews, meetings, classrooms, or entertainment activities such as recording TikTok or doing live streaming, SmartMike+ can be of great help to the user.

Proudly, as a startup company, SabineTek has won the CES awards for the fourth consecutive year. In 2018, SabineTek SMIC won the CES Innovation Award. In 2019, SabineTek SOLO KTV won the CES Innovation Award again.

About Sabine Technology Co., Ltd.

SabineTek is an innovative technology company that gathers top experts in the fields of acoustics, communications and electronic engineering. As an important strategic partner of Qualcomm music and voice, SabineTek is known as the sound expert in the era of mobile Internet. SabineTek has demonstrated its global leading technologies in the field of mobile audio processing and communications with a series of its products that greatly enhance people’s experience in scenarios such as voice intelligence, wireless convergence media communications, online education, corporate meetings, content production & transmission, and medical health.