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Safe Fleet Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Safety Outside the Bus with Launch of Intelligent Perimeter Safety Solutions

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Safe Fleet, a leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet
vehicles, announces the launch of its Intelligent Perimeter Safety
Solutions that include its patents-pending Predictive Stop Arm™ and its
Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system — two innovative solutions that
use predictive analytics, advanced sensors and radar technology to
increase safety where students are most at risk: outside the bus.

To date, the transportation industry has focused only on limited,
reactive solutions that address recording oncoming driver behavior,
instead of proactive measures which directly reduce risk to students,
helping them avoid accidents before they happen. Safe Fleet’s
proprietary Predictive Stop Arm uses radar technology to monitor
oncoming vehicle traffic for probable stop arm violations and through
the use of AI and predictive analytics, proactively notifies both the
bus driver and students of potential danger through audible and visual
warnings. If risk is detected, students are alerted not
to cross the street.

Safe Fleet’s Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system detects students
and their movements within a definable, statistically high-risk area
outside the bus. It displays visual warnings to alert the operator when
risk is present, helping to reduce injury to students at the bus door
and wheel well.

Safe Fleet will debut its Intelligent Perimeter Safety Solutions for the
first time in public in an Illegal
Passing & Bus Perimeter Safety Demonstration
at this year’s STN
Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. The demonstration for conference
attendees will take place at Victory Field on June 9th from
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM ET.

John R. Knox, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Safe Fleet, stated,
“In today’s complex world, school districts need a strategic partner to
bring an intelligent perspective to safety. We are pleased to be the
first and only provider of proactive solutions in the school
transportation industry that use artificial intelligence and predictive
analytics to drive safety forward. Our patents-pending Intelligent
Perimeter Safety Solutions turn the Danger Zone into a Safety Zone.”

Safe Fleet’s Intelligent Perimeter Safety Solutions enhance student
safety and reduce driver blind spots and distraction. The Predictive
Stop Arm and Right-Hand Danger Zone protection systems improve safety
outside the bus, increase driver performance and optimize fleet
operations management. Pilot trials are currently taking place in school
districts across the United States and Canada.

About Safe Fleet.

Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands that
provide safety and productivity solutions to fleet vehicle manufacturers
and operators around the world. These brands serve several major markets
including: Bus, Rail, RV, Truck & Trailer, Work Truck, Law Enforcement,
Fire, EMS, Industrial, Construction, Agriculture, Waste/Recycling and
Military. With over 1,600 employees and 14 manufacturing locations, Safe
Fleet targets markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger,
and pedestrian safety. For more information about Safe Fleet and its
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