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Safeguard Global Enhances HR Solutions, Delivers Unprecedented Workforce Visibility for Expanding Multinational Companies

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, a world leader in building adaptive solutions for a global
workforce, announced today an expansion of its workforce management and
payroll product suite designed to increase workforce visibility,
maintain local market compliance and analyze global workforce data.

With the company’s recent
acquisition of WorkFor Group
, Safeguard Global has strategically
expanded its current services and solutions. The result is a
comprehensive solution set designed to address the employee onboarding,
management and payroll needs of multinationals – both emerging and
established – for various stages of growth, without needing to implement
additional technologies.

“Activating a global expansion strategy and managing a global workforce
is more complex than it’s ever been,” said Bjorn Reynolds, CEO and
founder at Safeguard Global. “We were founded on the principle that
expanding into international markets should be a catalyst for long-term
growth, not a hindrance. With that, we are offering a solution that not
only makes global workforce management easier, but also allows companies
to fully capitalize on a data-driven approach to expansion and

As companies expand internationally, HR and finance departments are
challenged to find adaptable technology solutions that can adhere to
compliance regulations, consolidate workforce spend and keep pace with
an evolving global economy. With these new capabilities, Safeguard
Global will provide time and attendance tracking, simplified expense
management and enhanced visibility into payroll processing to help
clients to rapidly and compliantly expand into new markets, and manage
and analyze employee data.

“HR managers and finance professionals often don’t have a way to manage
expenses, view employee time and attendance at scale, or accomplish
other core business functions under a single, consolidated platform,”
said Tristan Woods, chief strategy officer at Safeguard Global. “The
additional data and insights these platform upgrades deliver to our
customers provide them with unprecedented visibility, thereby helping
them make better, more data-driven decisions.”

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