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SafestHires Verification System Protects Essential Employees

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According to Fox News, several states and cities are now threatening fines, jail time and other restrictions for people who ignore stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what happens if local authorities stop someone who works in healthcare, food service or another organization deemed “Essential”? Will they be detained? For how long? How will their “Essential” status be verified?

Last week, a veteran-owned employment screening company called SafestHires decided to help its clients by deploying a free online system that enables law enforcement to quickly verify when someone works for an Essential Business so these people can avoid long detainments, fines and other sanctions.

“We rolled out this service last week and the response was almost overwhelming,” said SafestHires co-founder Andy Andersen. “Not only did numerous clients sign up but several companies all over the country started using it as well. They really like that it provides local authorities with instant online verification, which means they don’t have to set up a phone line or dedicate staff to take any calls,” he said.

For as long as a stay-at-home order remains active, the employee will carry a letter, printed on their company letterhead, with a message to law enforcement that they work for an Essential Business. The letter identifies the type of Essential Business the employee works for and it will feature a link to a password-protected webpage where local authorities can view the company’s workforce roster to get instant, online verification.

Before launching this free service, SafestHires interviewed people from law enforcement to get their thoughts and the responses were very positive. They especially liked that it’s detailed, secure and web-based.

“I think it’s a great tool,” said Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy John Moss. “I know many companies are issuing their own letters to employees but this system by SafestHires includes a letter that specifies a company’s Essential Business category and secure online access to their workforce roster. This makes verification super easy for law enforcement,” he said.

SafestHires’ clients must self-certify that they are an Essential Business or that they are allowed to support Essential Businesses. As a company’s workforce changes, with some people leaving and others joining the team, SafestHires will continuously update its clients’ rosters for accuracy.

“This whole thing has created utter chaos for companies,” said Andersen. “It’s just one small thing that we can do to help out,” he said.

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