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SAGAS Updating Face Connect, Its Online Communication Service That Needs No Personal Data to Register, to Include QR Code Payment Functionality

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SAGAS has updated Face Connect, its online communication service for business that requires no personal data to use, and will begin offering it to customers in early April, 2021. The new public relations face for this service will be the singer, Michiru Jo.

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Screenshot of Face connect. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Screenshot of Face connect. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Link for individual customers:; for business customers:

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Three Features that Make Face Connect Unique

  1. It is an online communication service for business that requires no personal data, including an ID or email address to use.
  2. A QR Code Payment icon is now live on the communication screen. Your communication can directly connect to business sales.
  3. A Reception-by-Department feature lets you use online communication as a business telephone.

How Face Connect Came to Be

Face Connect grew out of a need to offer an online communication service that is truly usable for business. Development began when we realized that business face high hurdles when trying to expand online sales for luxury goods and contract products. We reached a conclusion: the range of goods that could be sold online could expand if online, as in real life, there was an opportunity to interact with customers face-to-face. As development work progressed, we knew we could create an even better online service experience, both for individuals wanting to use it for business and for companies as well. For the former we included a QR Code payment feature (patent pending) and for the latter a new Reception-by-Department feature to enable a wider range of service use cases.

How to Use Face Connect, and in Which Scenarios

When a business includes a dedicated online communication link on their website or within a social media post, new prospective customers can use that as way to interact with the business, sharing inquiries via online communication. Because it is so hard to see results for online business when products and services are expensive or require explanations or contracts, it can be particularly difficult to land new customers. With Face Connect, an online business tool that offers customers the means to see the face behind a business without needing to enter personal data, those hurdles can be overcome, increasing opportunities to acquire new customers online. What is more, the ability to share the faces of your staff as they interact with customers increases the sense of reliability, making it easier to share product descriptions and proposals, which can lead to greater purchasing success. (Those results have already been verified by our own Electronic Commerce Department!)

We have also developed and included Reception by Department, a new feature that offers organization level support. With Reception by Department, Face Connect can differentiate incoming customer calls by category, even for the same Face Connect tenant (business location). This online service lets your staff respond as if they were taking an internal call. Even when your personnel are working remotely, it is still the same business location (or tenant) that is connected online, and those personnel can support and connect with customers in exactly the same way as they would onsite.


Initially founded in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward as a sales venue for office automation equipment, SAGAS subsequently grew to develop and offer solutions for businesses using the Internet.