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SalesBoost Forges Partnership With University of North Texas to Provide Cutting Edge Learning Platform for Hospitality Students

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Learning just got easier and more effective for hundreds of hospitality students at the University of North Texas (UNT) who will be using SalesBoost as part of their curriculum next fall. SalesBoost is a software as a service (SaaS) company providing a skill-based simulation training platform. The company recently received a U.S. patent for its unique, role simulation training program. The proprietary technology delivers an active learning experience using voice analysis software focused on knowledge retention and building skills.

The active learning methodology is based on the neuroscience of adult learning. SalesBoost allows students to learn by doing. Students can learn and apply what they learn right away with the SalesBoost role-play simulation. Students receive instant results and coaching feedback to increase their performance. They can practice as many times as they want until they feel confident.

Introductory level hospitality courses and the internship course at the University of North Texas will begin using the SalesBoost platform as part of their course curriculum in the fall 2020 semester. In so doing, UNT becomes the first University to implement the SalesBoost solution. Several other universities are currently negotiating with SalesBoost to create similar partnerships.

“Integrating SalesBoost in the curriculum provides students with an on-demand skill-based learning platform” said SalesBoost Founder and CEO Gretta Brooks. “Students can take their academic knowledge to the next level and learn various roles within hospitality while building the skills and effective communication techniques needed to perform those roles at the highest level”, she added.

Jana Hawley Dean and Professor of the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism concurred noting, “SalesBoost will allow our students to have a competitive advantage over others by providing a higher quality of job readiness. Employers will see a faster ramp-up from our students from the role-based skill training and its proven methodology.”

SalesBoost’s active learning environment and practice simulation is proven to support higher retention of skills. Students will build muscle memory, learn professional phraseology and proper communication techniques. They will learn WHAT to say and HOW to say it. Students will retain more and be much more prepared because of SalesBoost.

The SalesBoost solution will allow the University of North Texas students to tap into relevant, role-based content. Nearly 200 active courses are available under a host of categories including group sales, business travel, catering sales, conference services, restaurants, front desk, sales initiatives, marketing initiatives, leadership and personal development. A further 72 courses are in development. The courses are self-paced and available on any device, in short, easily digestible, micro-learning segments. Sales professionals can access content that is meaningful to them, learn quickly, and practice real-world selling scenarios to be ready for any situation.

“SalesBoost will help our hospitality students to be better prepared with the skills that are necessary for today’s workforce,” concluded UNT’s Dean Hawley.