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SaltMiner by Saltworks Automates Application Test Data Aggregation, Analysis and Reporting to Reduce Risk, Cost and Resources

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Saltworks, an application security company building world class AppSec programs from policy to production, today unveiled SaltMiner, an innovative enterprise application security management solution that provides unparalleled visibility into application health, risk and compliance throughout the development lifecycle. An ISE Southeast Executive Forum sponsor in Atlanta, Saltworks announced SaltMiner from the show floor, highlighting how it automates the aggregation, analysis and reporting of vulnerabilities and security trends to provide a comprehensive view of enterprise risk exposure.

“The manual process of collecting results from different security testing tools and services is rendering app security and development teams ineffective in the detection and prevention of threats,” said Dennis Hurst, founder and president of Saltworks. “SaltMiner is the first true enterprise application security management solution and data warehouse that combines security test data from anywhere and also serves as a result reporting repository. SaltMiner empowers organizations with easily accessible information to make better decisions and eliminate the cost, risk and labor-intensive resources associated with traditional tool and application data comparisons.”

SaltMiner identifies application security trends and prioritizes vulnerabilities.

Siloed security testing tools don’t offer the necessary data insight into enterprise-wide threats, or provide high-level trend and executive dashboard capabilities. SaltMiner automatically aggregates vulnerabilities across disparate security testing tools and methodologies to focus on those that pose the greatest risk to application development initiatives.

SaltMiner makes it possible for security and application development teams to:

  • See vulnerabilities across enterprise applications in a single dashboard view,
  • Manage thousands of applications and scans, as well as the engineers who interact with them,
  • Aggregate, analyze and report on security testing results no matter the technology of origin, and
  • Prove compliance by ensuring applications are tested with the right technology, at the right time, in the right order.

With SaltMiner, Saltworks enables customers to increase productivity and efficiency with a data-driven enterprise application security management solution that automates test data aggregation, analysis and reporting to reduce risk, cost and human resources.

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About Saltworks

Saltworks is an application security company that partners with organizations to build world-class AppSec programs from policy to production. Founded on the premise that application security is mandatory, must be agile and can’t slow the software lifecycle, Saltworks provides comprehensive, data-driven security testing tools to help protect every stage of application development.