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Samsung Display to Expand Its AMOLED Business Into Major IT Markets

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Samsung Display announced today that it plans to expand its production
of AMOLED displays for the U.S. on a massive scale beginning this
quarter, targeting the premium IT markets.

In extending its market leadership for AMOLED displays into
strategically-important mass markets beyond smartphones, Samsung Display
said it is introducing AMOLED’s outstanding benefits to world-class
market leaders in the IT industry including top U.S. computer

To intensify this global outreach, Samsung Display:

  • just hosted Samsung AMOLED Forum 2019, an in-depth technical seminar
    for the U.S.-based global computer ecosystem, in Silicon Valley (May
  • has begun presenting AMOLED technologies and 5G integrated solutions
    to computer OEMs around the world.

Samsung Display invited more than a dozen global IT companies with
operations in Silicon Valley to the Samsung Device Solutions America
headquarters yesterday and today to hear the latest AMOLED advancements
applicable to leading-edge IT products. Attendees included world-class
corporations in the IT ecosystem, as well as leading IT device

Commenting on the Samsung AMOLED Forum 2019, Jeeho Baek, executive vice
president of the Mobile Display Sales & Marketing Team at Samsung
Display, said, “In the run-up to commercialization of 5G service, this
forum holds great significance in the sense that our technical
capabilities are being intermingled with ideas from customers to create
new opportunities. Beyond serving as a necessary part of cutting-edge IT
devices, our newest AMOLED displays will provide forward-looking
customers with solutions that truly optimize the potential for
innovation in almost every type of IT form factor.”

AMOLED displays are known not only for outstanding color reproduction,
but also for properties that enable low power consumption, ultra-slim
bezels and especially ‘thin-and-light’ designs.

For example, Samsung Display said that AMOLED panels deliver the best
display specifications for notebooks, by enhancing the mobility and
seamless streaming capabilities for high-resolution gaming and
graphics content.

In presentations here and around the world, the technology giant is also
highlighting AMOLED display solutions that have been optimized for cloud
and streaming services that speed up the commercialization of 5G

Samsung Display said that its latest AMOLED display will allow users to
have the most visually-stunning experience in the 5G era with its rapid
response rate and exceptionally high frame rate, while delivering
unbelievably rich Display HDR True Black colorization.

In addition, the company has revealed a wide range of next-generation
products including an unbreakable display, a hologram-projection
display, a multi-dimensional light-field display, and sensor-embedded
panels, all of which will help users in a new era of multi-purpose,
full-screen imagery.

Editors’ Note:

* Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display
technology, is frequently referred to simply as OLED.

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