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San Mateo County, California, Adopts Tyler Technologies’ Socrata Connected Government Cloud to Help Manage Data

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Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) announced today that San Mateo County, California, launched the Socrata® Connected Government Cloud (SCGC) solution. This technology enables county staff to manage and analyze vast amounts of government data to measure performance, shape policy, and engage the public.

SCGC, an advanced internal data-sharing solution purpose-built for government, will provide the county with a centralized platform where it can securely manage and interpret disparate data. Many of today’s complex issues require governments to tap into a wide range of internal systems that are siloed and managed by a variety of teams. The solution will provide the county with a centralized platform to leverage data with built-in analytics to support its programs.

“We have a lot of applications at our fingertips, but if we don’t have access to the data, we are limited in our ability to analyze our performance, the impact of our programs, and the opportunities to pivot,” said John Ridener, San Mateo County open data community liaison. “We chose the Socrata data platform to support our work of building a government that’s more connected internally, and, as a result, more responsive to the needs of the public.”

Tyler’s Socrata data platform streamlines data governance, self-service access, and discovery across organizations, enabling users to collaborate and share data in a secure environment. These benefits enhance the value, effectiveness, and efficiency of programs delivered to the public.

The county joins organizations such as the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the state of Texas, and the state of Maryland by using SCGC in breaking down data silos to achieve government goals with more effectiveness and efficiency. The county’s 21 departments will use SCGC to measure program performance and track outcomes.

In addition to this implementation, the county is also deploying a new Socrata Open Expendituresopen data app, which provides the public with access to drill into detailed payment data on 368,573 county financial transactions spanning the past five years.

San Mateo County has a history of embracing technologies to improve governance and drive more use from its data. It launched a Socrata open data portal and its first Open Expenditures app in 2013.

“San Mateo County has a strong culture of transparency and using data to measure and meet its goals,” said Franklin Williams, president of Tyler’s Data & Insights Division. “By adopting SCGC, San Mateo County is creating a single source of truth to take its programs to the next level, bust data silos, and build on their efforts to make the county more nimble, strategic, and responsive.”

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