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Sansar Partners With World-Famous EDM Club Bootshaus to Create a Virtual Replica for Simultaneous Real & Virtual Live Shows

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Sansar®, a pioneer in virtual entertainment, today announced a daring new partnership with Germany’s world-famous Bootshaus Club that brings the storied venue to life in its own immersive, globally accessible virtual world. Opening to the public on December 19, BOOTSHAUS VR will serve as a virtual venue for multiple artists playing Bootshaus throughout 2020 – kicking off with DON DIABLO: THE VIRTUAL SHOW, which features an all-new set and visuals from Don Diablo, recently ranked the 6th-biggest DJ in the world. Don’s real-life performance at Bootshaus will be captured live and transmitted to a global audience in Sansar, where legions of fans can experience his music in a virtual setting that defies imagination.

A historic first for marquee clubs everywhere, BOOTSHAUS VR lets anyone, anywhere experience one of EDM’s premier destinations firsthand on their PCs and in VR – from live shows that replicate the club’s trademark spectacle and energy to one-of-a-kind fan giveaways, interactive challenges, and apparel (both real and virtual) – while also giving leading DJs the opportunity to play every city in the world in a single Bootshaus show.

“If there’s one thing Bootshaus is known for, it’s exceptional live shows, which is why we’re thrilled to bring our shows to more people in more places with Sansar,” says Niclas Aigner, CCO of Bootshaus Club. “Through this partnership, every marquee show at our club can be a global event – meaning fans everywhere can experience the insanity and electricity of a Bootshaus show for themselves, just with one click. It’s truly the future.”

For Sansar, the collaboration follows others that have helped push live events and entertainment to new heights – activations with influential names like Monstercat, Spinnin’ Records, Virgin EMI and The Glitch Mob that showcase the massive scale, monetization, and self-expression Sansar enables. Through capabilities for broadcasting and global chat, artists in Sansar can play to a bigger audience in a single performance than they’d ever reach in a tour – thousands of cities, hundreds of countries, all attending the same event live – while fans, in turn, can interact directly with the artists they love. Through ticketing and virtual commerce, performers can tap into new revenue streams. Thanks to Sansar’s stunning visual fidelity, every show can be its own unforgettable sensory experience – totally unlike anything artists or fans could dream of.

More impressive still to partners like Bootshaus: with every new event, Sansar has continued to redefine and reimagine the event experience. A meet-and-greet in Sansar, for instance, could take place while an artist and their fans dodge asteroids, or escape haunted orphanages, or fight off aliens. A VIP ticket to a show, in turn, could unlock special powers unique to that ticketholder – the ability to jump higher or run faster than anyone else. At a Sansar event, nothing is out of the question.

“The future of concerts and fan interaction is virtual,” says Sheri Bryant, General Manager for Sansar. “Through our Bootshaus partnership, we’re bringing the future to today’s fans. We are blurring the lines between real and virtual so that any artist that plays the venue can be in both worlds at once – playing to more fans in more places, totally unconstrained by the limits of physical performance. We’re pushing the boundaries of possibility and we couldn’t be more excited.”

For Bootshaus, the partnership only cements the club’s reputation as a legendary venue for EDM – the kind of place that turns traditional spectatorship on its head. Ranked as one of the top 10 clubs in the world by DJ Mag, and a longtime tour stop for major acts like Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Snake, and David Guetta, Bootshaus knows a thing or two about exceptional live events – hosting a range of shows outside its headline performances that tailor to different tastes and fans, from the more hardcore (Gods & Monsters, Blacklist) to the more interactive. With Sansar, the venue can take this commitment to entertainment further by ensuring every Bootshaus show is globally attended – becoming the first marquee club to truly be accessible from anywhere.

Grab tickets now to DON DIABLO: THE VIRTUAL SHOW.

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