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Sapling Releases Three New Features to Support Customers in the Wake of COVID-19 Crisis

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Sapling, the leading People Operations Platform, announced the release of their Back to Work Toolkit aimed at equipping HR and People Leaders with the tools they need to navigate the new normal of work.

Whether companies are planning to have their team members back to the office, stay fully remote, or take a hybrid approach – Sapling has created a seamless way to support flexibility during this uncertain time. To help people teams succeed in this environment, Sapling has launched three new features aimed at saving time and ramping employees to productivity faster:

  • Bulk onboarding to simplify the process of bringing multiple new hires into the company at once, with the ability to onboard up to 100 team members at a time (in 10 minutes or less)
  • Bulk re-hiring to optimize the return of furloughed or offboarded employees
  • Surveys to keep a pulse on team member feedback via consistent check-ins

“We’ve been working with the world’s largest fully distributed teams for many years before the pandemic – companies like InVision, Zapier, and Couchbase – and that has really shaped our product to support People Teams in times like these. The major benefit for Sapling customers will come from combining these bulk actions from the Toolkit with Sapling’s existing powerful features like Smart Assignment, Smart Emails, and Profile Templates to support visibility, engagement, and consistency at every step,” says Andy Crebar, Sapling’s CEO and cofounder.

With the release of these three new features, Sapling’s People Operations Platform will continue to help People Teams:

  • Automate tasks through customizable and repeatable workflows
  • Integrate and streamline data across multiple HR systems
  • Deliver amazing employee experiences that help their people succeed

About Sapling

Sapling is the leading People Operations Platform supercharged for medium-sized companies. Sapling’s software streamlines HR processes, creates a consistent employee experience, and empowers People Operations teams with connectivity, data, and insights on their global workforce. As the platform of choice for InVision, OnDeck, Digital Ocean, Coupa and more, we believe when you create a great employee experience, People Ops can better support teams to do their best work.