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Sapphire Digital Appoints Kyle Raffaniello as Chief Executive Officer

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Sapphire Digital today announced that Kyle Raffaniello, who has been serving as the company’s interim chief executive officer since August 2019, has officially been named chief executive officer by the board of directors. This appointment comes on the heels of the company completing a record year, with now nearly 100 million Americans having access to the company’s transparency tools.

“Sapphire Digital is committed to providing consumers with increased access to cost and quality information to enable better, more informed decisions about their health care. With health care costs looming as a top concern for Americans, consumer shopping is essential to lowering the cost of care in this country,” said Raffaniello. “I am honored to be at the helm of a company that is leading the way in health care transparency and continuing to innovate to provide new and enhanced solutions for consumers and the market overall.”

Over the last few years, health care has been witnessing the rise of consumerism. Consumers have a growing expectation to shop for health care, as they do for almost everything else in their lives. Similar to other industries, using price and quality comparison tools in health care will drive down costs. Beyond paying less for care, increased transparency will also improve care access and quality, and increase financial wellness by keeping more money in consumers’ pockets. With health care transparency taking a prominent position on the national stage, Sapphire Digital is well positioned to continue to support consumers in finding high-quality, lower-cost care, ultimately improving consumers’ experience with the health care system.

“Sapphire Digital is looking forward to a high growth year, as we see more Americans using our tools to make more intelligent, informed care decisions,” said Raffaniello. “In 2020, Sapphire Digital will continue to build on our successes; strengthening our long-tenured partnerships, further expanding our footprint and leadership in the industry and helping more consumers shop for high-value care,” added Raffaniello.

About Sapphire Digital

Sapphire Digital is a health care technology company delivering consumer-centric transparency solutions and services that lower the cost of care for health plans, employers and consumers. Powered by cost and quality data, our transparency and shopping platform helps health plans and employers empower members and employees to make better care choices, driving measurable and sustainable savings through directing consumers to high-quality, more affordable care. Over 96 million people each year rely on Sapphire Digital to help them decide on their care with confidence.

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