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Sazmining Inc. Optimizes Mining Efficiency Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

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In less than 3 months, the reward Bitcoin miners receive for discovering a new block will be cut in half. While some mining companies are concerned about what this will do to their profits, Sazmining Inc., a mining and consulting company, is confident that they are well-positioned despite the impending halving. Sazmining has been focused on creating efficient mining operations, with a unique 360° approach to cryptocurrency mining. Sazmining looks at the whole picture, including mining design, energy, custody, lending, and hedging. Sazmining applies these practices to their own operations, and also helps other miners they consult with do the same.

Sazmining Inc.’s CEO, William Szamosszegi says, “Many miners experience double-digit downtime which impacts the bottom line. Sazmining provides increased uptimes to around 99%. The cost of working with Sazmining pales in comparison to the level of increased revenue from decreased downtime which becomes more crucial with the halving.”

In addition to increasing operational uptime, it’s also crucial for miners to maximize returns on cryptocurrency that has already been mined. Sazmining helps miners navigate the intricacies of lending mined crypto, as well as hedging and futures strategies in order to provide control of cash flow and protection against market fluctuations. Sazmining also helps miners establish proper custody and treasury management to balance the need for security and accessibility of crypto assets.

In light of the upcoming halving, Sazmining will be releasing a series of articles to provide an introduction to how they can help miners optimize and stay profitable in the five key areas mentioned above. You can subscribe here to receive these articles and other updates from Sazmining.

About Sazmining Inc.

Sazmining is the leading US-based operation that offers a 360 approach to cryptocurrency through joint venture crypto mining projects, consulting services, and treasury management to help our partners and investors navigate the financial aspects of cryptocurrency management. Our team has built and scaled a wide range of mining operations in locations as diverse as China, Texas, and Iceland. We are well positioned to offer a range of services to new entrants to the industry, or established players looking to expand. To learn more about us, visit

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