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Schneider Electric to Launch Square D™ X and XD Series Connected Wiring Device Lines Offering Greater Insight and Control of Residential Energy

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Schneider Electric will unveil the Square D™ X and XD Series connected wiring devices to the public for the first time during the 2021 CEDIA Expo. This full line of connected light switches, dimmers and outlets will automate the home’s lighting, allow discrete control of power and provide energy usage at the plug level to optimize home energy use.

The X Series is feature-rich, including easy installation, refreshed modern design and smart home compatibility. The XD Series takes this further providing a more premium option with additional design features, a range of colors and a more sophisticated cover plate option that can easily be changed.

As the most sustainable corporation in the world, Schneider Electric recognizes the challenge facing today’s homeowners in balancing the increasing need for residential energy and a desire for modern convenience and modern aesthetics. These sleek devices raise the bar for both with a refreshed design and convenient control from a smartphone or through a smart speaker, like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, for voice activation.

Interview Opportunity: CEDIA Expo


Brad Wills, Director: Strategic Customers & Programs, Schneider Electric



Details the new Square D™ X and XD Series connected wiring device lines and how they fit within the company’s overall grid-to-plug strategy increasing home electricity resilience and sustainability.



Due to COVID 19 health concerns and company protocols, Schneider Electric will be conducting virtual media interviews.



September 1-3, 2021



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