Press release Launches a No-Code Digital Operating Platform for Bioentrepreneurs to Democratize Life Science

Sponsored by Businesswire, a life science digitization and automation company, announces a no-code digital operating platform for ambitious life science leaders and scientists. The company’s mission is to create a digital life science ecosystem™ by powering over 10,000 small and medium companies (SMEs) by 2025 so that they can collaboratively fight diseases, develop cures, and solve humanity’s biggest problems.

Scispot’s platform transforms biotech SMEs into modern digital companies and enables on-demand access to their data, resources, and external partners all in one spot. “With our talented tech team in Silicon Valley and Waterloo, we aim to deliver a million-dollar digitization and automation experience to life science SMEs and level the playing field. The worth of bioeconomy that will be built by bioentrepreneurs is expected to increase to approximately $487 billion by 2024. Smaller companies that are digital and agile will lead the bioeconomy; we strive to digitally upgrade these companies and give them an edge over their bigger counterparts and competitors,” said Guru Singh, Founder & CEO of

Scispot is built for ambitious life science leaders who are ready to join the digital bio revolution. With it, they can create a digital replica of their company, workflows, and partnership networks. “We chose Scispot as our digital arm because our data was scattered and siloed across multiple point solutions. Scispot connects our R&D and operational data and standardizes our processes,” stated Hugo Gagnon, CEO of PhenoSwitch Bioscience, a Sherbrooke-based leading mass spectrometry company.

Scispot-powered companies create digital replicas of their workflows and store their machine and human-readable data in the cloud. “At CARE Research, we implemented Scispot to digitize our animal study data securely on the Scispot cloud, with the ultimate goal of gaining 360-degree visibility of company-wide activities,” said Rajan Bawa, CSO of CARE Research, a Fort Collins-based preclinical contract research organization.

“My desire to create and transform the biotech industry is motivated by my first-hand experience with its inefficiencies as a former biotech researcher, as well as the untimely death of my mother whom I loved dearly and lost way too soon because there was no commercially available drug to treat her,” said Guru. “I believe biotech’s inefficiencies can be surmounted if digitization and automation are boldly embraced; I want to make sure no one dies young simply because the drug they need is not available in the market as a result of outdated methods and practices,” added Guru.

The company is based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Canada and was founded by a former biotech researcher, a Silicon Valley techie, and a product leader. The realization that biotech startups are trying to solve some of this century’s biggest problems with an antiquated 20th-century approach motivated Scispot’s founders to devise a way to digitally upgrade and revolutionize the life science industry. Scispot is currently serving tens of life science SMEs, biotech incubators, and accelerators, and the company just opened 20 spots to onboard additional companies. Biopharma startups, CROs (contract research organizations), biotech hubs, and food science companies can apply to gain early access.

ABOUT SCISPOT.IO is a Kitchener-Waterloo area-based life science digitization and automation company. It has created a digital operating platform for ambitious bioentrepreneurs and scientists so they can start and scale their life science SMEs as quickly and efficiently as their tech counterparts. Scispot’s digital operating platform is fully configurable and modular to transform life science SMEs into digital companies. It digitizes workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and enables instant connection with partners in one spot.

The company’s mission is to transform over 10 thousand life science companies into smart digital biotech™ by 2025 and enable instant connections among them so that they can thrive in digital networks and bring new life-saving and enhancing products to market faster than ever before.

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