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Score Priority Corp. Integrates with Sterling Trader® Pro

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Score Priority Corp. (“Score Priority”), a financial services organization for the retail and institutional trading community, today announced an integration with the professional trading platform Sterling Trader® Pro. Score Priority’s customers will be able to leverage the Sterling Trader® Pro front end trading platform while gaining access to Lime Execution’s low latency connectivity to U.S. equity venues.

Score Priority acquired Lime, the high-frequency trading assets of Lightspeed Financial Group, in December 2020. This integration is the first opportunity for Score Priority’s retail customers to leverage the Lime infrastructure, a low latency product built for institutions to transact efficiently.

“In the first quarter of 2021, Lime executed over two billion shares per month,” said Tony Huck, Score Priority CEO. “Active retail audiences now have access to this reliable, stable, and scalable architecture previously only available to institutions.”

Sterling Trader® Pro offers a full-service order routing and management suite to support professional traders, leading broker-dealers, clearing firms, hedge funds, and buy-side trading institutions. Score Priority customers can trade equities and ETFs through the Sterling Trader® Pro platform.

“It’s a classic front-end trading platform,” said Alex Scott, Score Priority’s Head of Retail Brokerage and Product. “Professional traders can deploy a wide array of tools to customize their trading experience, while achieving institutional-grade market connectivity through Lime Execution.”

To learn more, or to get started with Sterling Trader® Pro, visit Score Priority’s website here.

About Score Priority

Score Priority is a financial services organization for the retail and institutional trading community. Score Priority is a SEC-registered broker-dealer; member FINRA & SIPC, NFA. For more information, visit