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Seasoned Product Management and Marketing Executive Joins Markel Corporation

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, the leading industrial technology manufacturing company
making fluoropolymer-based
, today announced John Coogan as the company’s Head of
Product Management and Marketing. In this newly defined role, Coogan
leads all strategic product and marketing efforts, with an emphasis on
market growth and profit optimization. He is focused on identifying new
opportunities to expand the product
to meet customer needs across a variety of industries.

Coogan joins Markel from The Neat Company where, in his role as Director
of Product Management, he redefined the market strategy and product
roadmap to bolster the company’s strategic pivot from hardware devices
to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) small business solutions. In prior
roles, Coogan was a product management and marketing leader at several
business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) technology
companies including Universal Instruments Corp., Motorola Inc. and
CertainTeed Corporation.

“Finding a product leader was one of my highest priorities when defining
Markel’s strategic plan and direction,” said Jon Kirchner, President and
Chief Executive Officer at Markel Corporation. “Finding one with John’s
credentials and experience was spot-on for our needs and opportunities.
A practitioner in the industries in which we serve and partner, he is
uniquely adept at understanding our customers’ challenges and needs.
John has had a big impact on our business in a very short period of time
with his approach to customer and market engagement.”

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company is a subsidiary of Alliance
and is an employee-owned business. Markel is an industrial
technology manufacturing company making PTFE and other
fluoropolymer-based products for global customers in the automotive,
heavy machinery, transportation, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications,
chemical separation and fluid filtration
industries. A pioneer in the use of high-performance fluoropolymer
solutions, Markel has combined proprietary manufacturing processes and
patented technology to become a solution-oriented partner to a global
customer base.

“Markel is best known for delivering high quality, fluoropolymer-based
cable and wiring solutions to the automotive industry
, but that just
scratches the surface of what we offer from a total portfolio
perspective,” said Coogan. “In addition to automotive, our product
offerings address critical needs across many other industries and
end-product applications. Our goal is to grow our core business with
best-in-class products, while concurrently expanding to emerging markets
by leveraging our core competencies.”

About Markel

Markel Corporation reimagines manufacturing. Established in 1922, Markel
Corporation is an industrial technology manufacturing company making
PTFE and fluoropolymer-based products with a long legacy of product
innovation with more than 50 patents. Known for exceptional customer
service, Markel serves customers in over 20 countries, from its
corporate headquarters in Plymouth Meeting, PA, and dedicated locations
across Europe and Asia. For more information, visit