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Secure Cyber Defense Introduces Fortinet’s FortiSOAR to Enable Customers with Next Level Incident Response

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Secure Cyber Defense today announced that it has added Fortinet’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform, FortiSOAR, to enable organizations with large distributed networks of servers security solutions to consolidate threat information and automate specific cybersecurity tasks.

“Combining best-in-class technology with experienced cybersecurity analysts ensures the highest level of data security,” says Shawn Waldman, CEO of Secure Cyber Defense. In the last two years, Secure Cyber Defense has brought on a number of experienced and certified cybersecurity experts from the Secret Service, DoD, and local law enforcement, offering a level of insight and experience not typically found in IT Companies. The level of expertise within the company made Secure Cyber Defense an ideal match to lead the launch of FortiSOAR services in the Midwest.

FortiSOAR represents a new level of incident response management designed for today’s larger enterprise companies. It is enabling users to create a custom automated framework that unifies an organization’s security team. FortiSOAR simplifies threat analysis by centralizing and automating repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and resources. Matching the technology with an experienced cybersecurity company maximizes FortiSOAR’s advanced capabilities, such as creating comprehensive threat handling “playbooks” that automate real-time responses to security events, sometimes without human intervention.

“We were excited to be selected to launch FortiSOAR in our region, and even more excited to see where this takes our company,” says Waldman.

Fortinet enables MSSP partners to deliver differentiated services. Fortinet continues to drive market evolution with the security-driven networking solutions that provide security effectiveness, cost, and performance for use cases spanning enterprises on-premises, multi-cloud environments, branch, and remote deployments. MSSP partners can build new services on Fortinet products that offer the flexibility to accommodate different architectural requirements specific to MSSP environments, including multitenancy, custom portals, comprehensive automation and orchestration support, centralized management analytics, custom reporting, and bulk deployment capabilities.

Fortinet’s MSSP partners build on Fortinet products and solutions to help customers get even more value from their security deployments. Please visit the Fortinet Managed Security Service Providers page for more information about this program.

About Secure Cyber Defense

Secure Cyber Defense offers 24/7/365 threat monitoring services, Fortinet hardware, secure email, cybersecurity and compliance consulting, incident response services, and cybersecurity training for businesses and government agencies to protect company data from cyber threats. Offering both installed and “cybersecurity as a service” offerings, we scale custom solutions for any size organization. Secure Cyber Defense is a Premier Fortinet Partner.

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