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Secure Cyber Defense’s Managed Security Services Now Powered by Fortinet’s FortiSOAR

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Secure Cyber Defense announced they have partnered with Fortinet to add FortiSOAR to its offerings. With FortiSOAR, Secure Cyber Defense has been able to expand its services to include orchestration and automation for managed detection and response customers, enterprise SOAR implementation, and to support its Incident Response and digital forensic services.

“We saw the potential for using automation to support the IT teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) run by our clients. Most security teams are overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they receive and see value in automating response to lower-level threats. Our team has used many of the out of the box capabilities of FortiSOAR as well as customizing features to better serve both our clients and our own SOC,” says CEO Shawn Waldman. “The addition of FortiSOAR allows for more detailed investigations, automated responses, threat hunting, and incident response activities.”

Our customers are experiencing faster response times and they also benefit from the expanded threat intelligence the SOAR platform delivers. The need to coordinate and investigate increasing volumes of threat alerts can only be handled by automating and orchestrating threat response so IT teams do not get overwhelmed.

“We challenge ourselves daily on how we can we best serve our clients and protect their networks in new and innovative ways. We want to move our clients from a purely defensive posture, giving them breathing room to take more proactive steps to minimize their vulnerabilities,” Waldman says. “We have to not only adopt automation for our own managed security services but be able to translate those benefits to our customers.”

About Secure Cyber Defense

Secure Cyber Defense delivers expert cybersecurity consulting and managed detection and response services to manufacturing companies, local governments, government contractors, utilities, K-12 schools, and aerospace companies. The company is recognized as an Advanced Fortinet partner and a leading MSSP for FortiSOAR in the North Central region.

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