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SecurityWeek to Host Supply Chain Security Summit on March 10, 2021

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SecurityWeek, a leading provider of cybersecurity news and information to global enterprises, will host its 2021 Supply Chain Security Summit as a virtual event on March 10, 2021.

In the wake of the SolarWinds mega-hack that continues to unravel, software supply chain security and fragility is again on the front-burner for enterprise security decision makers. The complexity and opaqueness of the software supply chain has led to nation-state compromises and major worries that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Free to attend, this virtual cybersecurity summit will examine the current state of supply chain attacks, the weakest links along the way, the biggest supply chain hacks in history, and best practices for managing this massive attack surface.

Through a fully immersive virtual environment, attendees will be able to interact with leading solution providers and other end users tasked with securing various cloud environments and services.

Presentations and workshops will focus on:

  • Vulnerabilities and weak spots in the software supply chain
  • Threat-intelligence on nation-state adversaries
  • Best practices for developing and deploying software securely
  • Tools and techniques to spot hardware supply chain problems
  • Foundational security principles for supply chain and vendor risk management

This event is a must-attend for CISOs, security directors, software developers, threat hunters and vendor relationship management specialists.

Participating sponsors can be part of an engaging experience and showcase industry knowledge and solutions, while reaching a large online audience through the virtual conference center.

Online registration is currently open for all of SecurityWeek’s 2021 virtual events.

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