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Seeing the Future of Electronic Eyewear

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Visual impairment is a common health concern in the US. It is estimated that approximately 64% of all Americans use some form of visual correction.

Given the leaps and bounds that American technology has made in so many areas, it is no surprise that the market has made many attempts to improve classic eyewear. While there have been some bold and creative results, however, the market of electronic eyewear has yet to find a sustainable balance among function, cost, durability, and elegance in design. Classic eyewear runs for staggering prices, and electronic eyewear models can also be very costly for the average consumer.

IngenioSpec combines versatility, affordability, and style in a simplistic and intuitive way, learning from its predecessors while introducing sleek new designs and variations. One major key to longevity in electronic eyewear is, in part, the placement of its electronics. Cables extending across the hinges expose key parts of the design to the elements and risk general wear and tear. A purposefully minimalistic electronic design—placing the electronics in the front piece [US Pat 10,310,296] and end pieces [US Pat 10,330,956]—serves to mitigate production cost and to create a water-proof, longer-lasting product.

IngenioSpec’s cohesive design allows for a wide variety of applications. SnapSpecs features a camera set in the center of the bridge, allowing the user to take photos of what they see. Elderly Smart Eyewear provides functions that enhance access to medical attention and allow for easy charging. Outdoor Active Eyewear can track a user’s steps, distance traveled, speed, and calorie burn. See our list of patents.

With these and many other models of electronic eyewear, IngenioSpec, an affiliate of IpVenture, offers new and promising technologies backed by high-quality patents for eyewear products.