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Sematext Introduces a New Solution for Synthetic/Uptime Monitoring

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Today, Sematext announced the release of Sematext Synthetics, a solution that helps improve the reliability of APIs and web pages. Sematext Synthetics is the fourth pillar of Sematext Cloud which helps software-based businesses spot application and infrastructure performance issues and resolve them faster than ever before.

“3 seconds is all it takes for a potential customer to leave if their experience is less than satisfactory. Synthetic monitoring is a proactive type of monitoring. It allows you to get ahead of performance issues before they impact your users & bottom line.”

– Otis Gospodnetić, Founder at Sematext.

In a poll run by Sematext, developers said their main challenge is troubleshooting and debugging. Sematext’s latest solution for uptime monitoring tackles that fundamental challenge. Having launched Sematext Experience, an End-User Monitoring solution, in 2019, users can now benefit from both active and passive monitoring of their websites or webapps. Sematext has also positioned its latest solution among the most affordable in the industry with a pay-as-you-go plan starting at just $5/month.

Traditionally, engineers had to switch between tools for infrastructure monitoring, APM (application performance monitoring), and log management. The addition of Synthetics places Sematext among the few companies to offer a unified cloud-based and on-premise solution that monitors both front-end and back-end performance.

Sematext Synthetics helps organizations reduce the cost of downtime and:

● Monitor availability and performance of APIs and websites

● Monitor multi-step business-critical user journeys

● Monitor from global locations and locally

● Track web performance metrics, third party performance & custom metrics

● Bring teams together by monitoring back-end and front-end performance

The launch of Sematext Synthetics adds to the company’s mission to offer affordable observability solutions that help modern DevOps teams troubleshoot easily and quickly through correlation of logs, metrics, and APM, all in the cloud or on-premise.

About Sematext

Sematext Group offers a unified infrastructure monitoring, APM, and log management solution – both in the cloud (Sematext Cloud) and on-premise (Sematext Enterprise). Founded in 2010, by Otis Gospodnetić, Sematext is a proudly 100% bootstrapped, 100% virtual company that has been profitable since day one and serving over 15,000 users worldwide.

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