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Sencha Debuts Ext JS 7.0, Modern Toolkit with 140+ Pre-Built UI Components

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Sencha, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a leading provider of cross-platform application developer productivity tools, today announced the release of Ext JS 7.0 featuring numerous updates and additions to its flagship JavaScript framework and UI components.

As JavaScript frameworks evolve, visually appealing and data-intensive web applications have become more efficient to develop. Ext JS offers a rich set of pre-built, high-performance, ready to use components, plugins, and tools to develop engaging enterprise-grade applications. With more than 140 UI components (such as grids, pivot grids, trees, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, and more) and tools that interoperate smoothly, Ext JS makes enterprise-level application development simple yet efficient.

The Ext JS 7.0 release makes many feature enhancements to the Modern framework for initiating desktop and mobile app development. There are also several improvements to Sencha tooling to work seamlessly with Ext JS 7.0.

Component updates in Ext JS 7.0 are also featured in the component libraries for Sencha ExtAngular and Sencha ExtReact, enabling Angular and React developers to benefit from Modern toolkit improvements.

“Version 7.0 represents an important milestone in advancing the limits with our framework and components,” said Kegan Blumenthal, general manager of Sencha. “Most importantly, it stays true to our commitment to make upgrades easier and versions more compatible. Enterprise customers tell us they rely on the stability and security that Ext JS provides over other choices in the market, and we’ll continue to invest in and deliver solutions to meet evolving needs.”

Ext JS 7.0 Modern Toolkit enhancements include:

  • Form Group (Checkbox, Radio Group) to easily group collections of checkboxes or radio buttons to support flexible layout customization.
  • Accordion Layout supporting multiple expandable/collapsible panels.
  • Grid Enhancements to support drag and drop columns, row editing, drag to grid, and collapsible group views.
  • Drag and Drop Plugin in Tree View to easily move and reorder tree menus.
  • Localization Package to easily localize applications for languages including Dutch, Danish, Italian, Czech, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Froala WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor as part of Ext JS 7.0 framework.

Ext JS 7.0 Classic Toolkit support for Material Theme includes:

  • Support for bold colors, spacing and padding, component depths, shadows and font, as well as instant updates via CSS variable and Fashion.

To learn more about the key capabilities of Ext JS 7.0 and Tooling:

This release is accompanied by the release of the framework-agnostic ExtWebComponents, a new product that provides developers the flexibility to develop applications using Ext JS feature-rich UI components with any JavaScript framework, or no framework at all.

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Sencha tools help companies accelerate development cycles for enterprise-ready web applications. Sencha’s development framework offers a single coding paradigm across all components, with hundreds of pre-integrated and tested UI components, built-in themes, and sample apps and stencils. More than 60 percent of the Fortune 100 use Sencha products to design, develop and test their data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications. Sencha is a division of Idera, Inc. To learn more, visit