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Sentar Joins 2020 FedHealthIT Innovation Award Team

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Sentar Inc. (Sentar), a women-owned business specializing in advanced Cybersecurity and Intelligence solutions and technology, and its Government Customer have been selected by FedHealthIT magazine as a 2020 Innovation Award winner.

The Sentar team was nominated and selected by a panel of current and former Federal and Industry leaders from across the Federal Health IT sector. FedHealthIT, a print and digital magazine dedicated to providing Federal health technology news and insights to key Government and industry decision-makers, recently honored companies, agencies, and programs providing effective innovations within the Government healthcare services industry. With this award, FedHealthIT recognizes both Sentar, the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC), and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) for services and capabilities this Sentar/government collaboration provided to the DHA enterprise, resulting in the newly established Marketplace Technology Integration Office (MTIO) cyber initiative.

The MTIO initiative was awarded by FedHealthIT for contributing significantly to the complex transition of overhauling the Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) into one DHA enterprise. This effort requires a massive transition of military networks, infrastructure, and medical devices to one standardized information network to deliver healthcare to facilities. This standardization involves a large-scale internal restructure while enabling the rollout of MHS Genesis, a multi-billion dollar update to the MHS’ legacy Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution.

The MTIO Cyber Team provides distributed Risk Management Framework (RMF) and related services and support within this global environment, helping ease the cyber burden at MTFs. The dispersal of resources to market regions allows the MTIO Cyber team more coverage over a broader area enabling rapid process development targeting customer needs.

Implementation of this effort has proven to be an effective solution, resulting in a reduction of overall costs while providing more efficient use of resources in regards to the RMF in the DHA. The MTIO Cyber Team has also maximized enterprise productivity, having accelerated work on 165 cyber authorizations. Through streamlined business processes, the team is capturing risk data for 40 sites on the DHA network in real-time.

“The team has been able to ease cyber constraints at these treatment facilities, and onsite staff are now more equipped to focus their efforts on supporting the healthcare needs of the warfighter,” said Joseph Sabin, Vice President for Health IT. “This award is yet another example of the success one can realize through meaningful collaboration between industry and government thought leaders, each of whom are deeply invested in the success of the DHA mission.”

The 6th annual FedHealthIT Innovation awards will be held on March 24, 2020 at the Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, DC. This event brings together more than 300 senior Federal Health leaders from Government and industry to help celebrate and recognize the top Federal Health programs and the teams behind these innovative efforts in support of Veterans Affairs, Military Health, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The event celebrates the programs that are achieving unparalleled access and elevating functional efficiencies through models that are modern, secure, and scalable.

About Sentar, Inc.

Sentar is a cyber-intelligence company, applying analytics and systems engineering expertise to protect our national security and way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission-critical assets. Established in 1990, we have a long history of innovation. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing cyber-intelligence companies serving the National Security sector. Sentar has offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas. Visit for more information.