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SentryOne Database Solutions Powering Optimal Customer Experiences Across Industries

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the leading provider of data DevOps and database performance monitoring
capabilities for the Microsoft Data Platform, is enabling customers
across industries to deliver the optimum customer experiences by
monitoring, testing, and optimizing database environments.

Companies across industries—whether it’s airlines, digital music,
electronic documents, financial services, or healthcare—are recognizing
the importance of optimal data delivery for delivering world-class
customer experiences. SentryOne has positioned itself as the ideal
partner with a set of powerful solutions to build, test, document and
monitor SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft Data Platform.

SentryOne customers include data-driven businesses in nearly every
industry, with higher proportions in vertical segments that handle large
sets of data and demand fast delivery of business-critical data.

San Francisco-based DocuSign
leverages SQL
to better monitor the performance of its SQL Server instances
and run its database at peak performance.

“I don’t think the DocuSign team could have delivered on our performance
promise for the past five years without the support of SentryOne,” said
Shawn McMillian, DocuSign Director of Database Operations. “SentryOne
SQL Sentry enabled the DocuSign database team to dive deeply into SQL
Server performance, collecting the necessary metrics and statistics to
keep the site running at peak performance.”

Kentucky-based Republic Bank relies on SentryOne solutions to better
monitor its databases and VMware environment, helping its database
administrator team ensure better data delivery.

“Over the last four years, we have continued to grow our relationship
with SentryOne,” said Chris Yates, Vice President and Director of Data
and Architecture at Republic Bank. “I believe in the products and the
people at SentryOne. I have seen firsthand how they can transcend a team
and continually set us up for future success.”

“Many people don’t realize that behind every great customer experience –
whether it’s buying airline tickets or doing banking online – there is a
well-run database, optimized to deliver meaningful data to the
business,” said SentryOne CEO Bob Potter. “After all, the company that
delivers the best customer experience wins. That’s why our customers
trust SentryOne to provide powerful solutions that enable Microsoft data
professionals to regain control of their data systems.”

Find out why data-driven businesses turn to SentryOne to accelerate
their database performance:

About SentryOne

SentryOne empowers Microsoft data professionals to build, test,
document, and monitor SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft
Data Platform. We help companies accelerate performance across the data
lifecycle with unmatched scalability, best-in-industry customer support,
and the most powerful data performance management capabilities
available. Our team includes a core group of Microsoft MVPs and staff
located in Charlotte, NC, Jacksonville, FL, Salem, NH, and Dublin,
Ireland. Learn more at