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SEZWE, A New Short-form Video App, Makes Its Debut

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SEZWE enters the social media world as a short-form video app where users are encouraged to discuss, engage, and respond to other user video posts with video. Friends for 16 years, the two women who founded SEZWE envisioned a clean space to share ideas, stories, news, and opinions. The social media landscape is littered with sometimes misleading and confusing content from dubious sources. Sezwe hopes to change that. The app’s video-answering-video format organically encourages conversations among users on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, politics, food, sports, and education.

SEZWE’s platform is designed with a mission to provide an open space for creativity, opinion, and conversation. The platform promotes complete transparency among users. And the threads on SEZWE make a greater impact than just traditional likes and comments. Media personality and lawyer, Rachel Lindsay, who is best known from ABC’s thirteenth season of The Bachelorette, has been announced as the official spokesperson for SEZWE.

“I am a big fan of SEZWE as it’s a creative new way to put video content out there in real time with your honest thoughts and feelings,” said Lindsay. “SEZWE is a platform I can get behind because I know the video content I put on there will be seen and heard by the people who care about it most.”

SEZWE focuses on video posts and replies, leading to more authentic conversations. Users are able to create their own shows and share their expertise with the world using sophisticated editing tools. Unique within the app is the ability to embed images or videos, either through your camera roll or YouTube. This provides users with fun and engaging media that supports their opinions and commentary within video posts. Additionally, users can reply to videos with their own videos, view a mashup of video replies, upvote, downvote, share and easily discover others who share your interests. Unlike other social media apps, being viewed as private or public on SEZWE can be decided in real time during the upload of each 30-second video clip.

The SEZWE social media app is now available to be downloaded on any iPhone. SEZWE can be found in the app store by clicking here.


SEZWE is a quick-hitting video commentary platform for a community that wants to be heard. From news, sports, and politics to reviews on entertainment, SEZWE is a social media platform designed to give someone the tools to amplify their voice. Available exclusively to be downloaded in the iTunes store, SEZWE can be downloaded here. For more information, please visit