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Shakti Technology Launches New High Performance Data Platform Merging Database, Language and Security

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Shakti Technology, the leading high-performance parallel data platform, announced today that its platform, Shakti, has moved into general availability.

The creator of the Shakti platform is Arthur Whitney, the legendary computer scientist who developed the programming languages A+ , K and Q as well as database Kdb, the go-to resource for trading platforms within financial services.

Shakti’s unique design allows it to manage streaming, in-memory and historical data, meaning that it can store and analyze any type of data, whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured. As a result, developers using the platform can work with the whole spectrum of data points, from stock prices to social media data. The platform also allows for both in-memory data streaming as well as a historical engine to search vast amounts of data, covering terabytes of in-memory data and petabytes of on-disk data.

“The world has witnessed an exponential increase in the volume and types of data in recent years,” Whitney commented. “The advent of cloud computing and mobile technology has only accelerated this trend. Developers working in these environments need a sophisticated platform that empowers them to work with all kinds of data and use it to express their ideas. Shakti’s move into general availability means this platform is now available and we look forward to it becoming a new standard for data storage and analysis within financial services and beyond.”

Central to the Shakti technology is the concept of parallelism. The platform is parallel down to the lowest level, with a distribution model that extends to multiple jobs and machines. This small footprint and lack of dependencies translate into quicker deployments for developers working with code on premise and in the cloud. It also helps support cutting-edge security features such as hashing, two-way encryption and deployment in virtual environments such as containers.

“Modern enterprises are realizing that they are sitting on a treasure trove of data that can be processed faster and better,” said Fintan Quill, director of engineering at Shakti. “As they update their tech stacks, Shakti will be a resource to help move these businesses forward and keep or exceed the high levels of security they hold themselves to.”

About Shakti

Shakti Technology is a high-performance platform built from scratch to merge database, language, connectivity, event processing and security into one powerful system. Our founder, Arthur Whitney, has created high-performance data processing systems for several decades. His technology has been licensed to a number of companies in financial services, blockchain technologies, and biotechnology, to name a few.