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Shareity Partners with AICR and Pazazz to Crunch Cancer with Your Selfie

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According to the National Cancer Institute,– 600,000 Americans die from cancer each year. But did you know that about 40% of all cancer cases are preventable? Practicing healthy lifestyle habits plays a significant role in reducing cancer risk and eating a fiber-rich diet is a good place to start. That’s why Pazazz Apples is donating $5 to the American Institute for Cancer Research for each photo snapped with a “Cancer Cruncher Superhero Challenge” filter.

“AICR wants to raise awareness about the link between cancer risk and modifiable lifestyle factors, and following a healthy diet is one of those factors that people can control,” says Jodi Street, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at the American Institute for Cancer Research. “We are grateful for our partnership with Pazazz Apples to help us promote healthy eating through this challenge.”

AICR and Pazazz Apples have partnered with Shareity, a platform to monetize picture and video challenges, to help raise money and awareness for the Cancer Cruncher Challenge. Just text PAZ to 797979, click the link, and then snap and upload a selfie of your face, where each challenge is tracked and monetized for good. Share with friends and family through text and social media to raise more money and spark a chain of awareness and charitable giving.

“Apples are a healthy food and part of a fiber-rich diet. The Cancer Cruncher Superhero challenge is a fun, dynamic way to engage our customers and encourage them to live a healthy life,” states Kristi Harris, Brand Manager at Honeybear Marketing. “We’re getting younger followers involved in a cool challenge they might want to share with friends and family.”

Want to do the challenge? Just text PAZ to 797979 to complete the challenge.

Shareity is a charitable advertising web app where users complete branded challenges and brands donate to charity. People participate, causes receive donations, and brands gain exposure. Visit today to learn more.

The American Institute for Cancer Research champions the latest and most authoritative scientific research from around the world on cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity to help people make informed lifestyle choices to reduce their cancer risk.