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Sharp Holding Co Announces the Launch of a New Business Community App

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Sharp Holding Co announced this morning their plans to launch a new app that will begin operation in late 2019 or early 2020. This app the company has named, The Sharp Investor app, is geared towards creating a private community for entrepreneurs and real estate investors to help educate themselves and their teams in the different processes, structures, and strategies of raising the capital needed to start or expand their businesses. The company plans for this app to be a large part of their expansion in the next 24 months. Within the app a whole suite of products are planned to be made available to help fellow business owners and executives create systematic approaches to operational tasks that have been slated as time consuming and cumbersome for far too long.

The company’s CEO Tracy Smith said, “We are not creating a product that will add to the abyss of unused apps on people’s smart phones. We are creating a community, and a place where people interact with each other, gain valuable knowledge, and do it in an environment where it’s the only conversation happening. There’s no need to get lost on other networks where your brain can go into data overload. We are building Sharp Investor to be a place where business growth and funding is the center of the conversation and no spam, distractions, or anything other than helping reaching the goal at hand.”

The Sharp Investor app will be operated by a wholly owned subsidiary company of Sharp Holding Co. The news comes on the heels of the San Francisco based company filing their S-1 registration with Securities Exchange Commission this past Friday, August 30th to become publicly traded and raise $1,000,000.00 through the filed offering once approved by the SEC.

“Sharp Holding Co has hit the ground running with almost $100,000 in contracts signed in the first month of operations and now with the new app to accompany our plan to be actively seeking real estate projects. We expect a very lucrative 1st year of operations,” said the company’s CFO, Rodney Sperry.

With the app slated for release in the coming months, and their public offering in progress, the company is set to have a very busy 1st quarter of their fiscal year that begins on October 1st, 2019. “We are very excited with the relationships we have created early on with technology partners, potential advisors, vendors and of course clients. These relationships have given us great confidence in the ability to scale our operations and revenue very quickly,” added Tracy Smith, the CEO.