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Shepherd Lock from PassiveBolt® Wins CES 2020 Innovation Award in the Smart Home Category

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PassiveBolt, an innovative leader in smart lock technology, has today announced that it won a CES 2020 Innovation Award in the Smart Home Category for its Shepherd Lock, a touch enabled smart lock with enhanced security through sensors and Artificial Intelligence.

Shepherd Lock’s keyless entry technology allows users to lock and unlock their door inside and outside with a touch – no fingerprints needed. Shepherd Lock is an add-on that converts the existing lock-set into a touch activated device, allowing homeowners to keep their existing lockset and keys.

Shepherd is the first and only product that uses a patent-pending combination of sensors and AI to actively monitor your lock 24/7. The smart home technology can detect lock picking or tampering attempts and automatically freeze the deadbolt into a locked position in response. Shepherd notifies the homeowner immediately through the secure mobile app. The app also allows homeowners to manage home access, view access history, share electronic keys, and remotely control the lock. To learn more, visit

“We are honored to be recognized for our innovation in this incredibly competitive category,” said Kabir Maiga, Co-Founder. “Shepherd Lock was designed with safety as a top priority. As such, it is more than just a smart lock; it is a home security product. Shepherd is the only solution in industry to combine fingerprint-free touch technology, lock picking and tampering alerts, non-invasive installation, and Live Lock Monitoring 24/7 through AI, all in one smart lock.”

About PassiveBolt

PassiveBolt is driving adoption of smart access products by offering its technology direct-to-consumers with the Shepherd brand. PassiveBolt also offers white label solutions to businesses, such as home automation companies, security dealers, MDUs, builders, and other companies looking to commercialize their own branded smart access products, including cloud services. This approach allows PassiveBolt partners to resell their own branded smart locks while commanding higher margins, without the cost of in-house development. For more information visit