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Shopkick and Joy of Mom Partner to Give Modern Moms What They Really Want

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Today, Shopkick launches a partnership with the Joy of Mom community, welcoming more than 2.5 million moms across the U.S. into the Shopkick family. Shopkick is helping consumers connect and engage with brands in a rewarding and delightful manner. A curated group of Joy of Mom ambassadors will be testing out Shopkick and products within the app, providing authentic reviews, producing genuine content and gaining access to exclusive Shopkick experiences across the country.

Dave Fisch, General Manager of Shopkick, said, “Joy of Mom has spent the past ten years organically cultivating their community – both on and offline. It is truly one of the most authentic groups I have ever come across. The transparent, honest responses they provide us will prove invaluable as we work to bring more value to today’s modern moms.”

Vicki Reece, founder and CEO of Joy of Mom, said, “I am so excited about our partnership with Shopkick. As our friends know, we have been scouring and vetting brands for the past couple years – looking for those who truly walk their talk. Shopkick gets and understands our fierce commitment and loyalty to our community of moms and will be joining us in our passion to bring them only the very best.”

Not only do Shopkick and Joy of Mom share true audience alignment – the digitally native, modern mom – but also a deep understanding of how to connect with them through products, tools, tips and resources that turn everyday mundane tasks into rewarding and delightful experiences.

As part of the deal, the larger Joy of Mom community will gain access to exclusive rewards, fun challenges and VIP experiences with Shopkick.

To learn more about Shopkick and to download the app on your smartphone device, visit To learn more and join the Joy of Mom community, visit

About Shopkick, Inc.

Shopkick, a Trax company, is a leading shopping rewards app, bringing moments of joy to everyday shopping – both on- and off-line. For brands and retailers, Shopkick provides high consumer engagement along the entire path to purchase. The company’s unique pay for performance model has been proven to deliver high ROI, driving incremental traffic, product engagement, and sales. Some of its leading brand and retail partners include Kraft-Heinz, Barilla, Best Buy, eBay, GE, Kellogg’s, TJ Maxx and Unilever, among others.

Shopkick is available for free on iPhone from the App Store and for Android from Google Play. For more information, please visit

About Joy of Mom

Joy of Mom is a distinct community. Born from one mom’s passion, founder Vicki Reece searched everywhere for an authentic community and platform she could trust. One that was true, non-compromising, and authentic. She couldn’t find one, so she built it. Grown 100% organically from authenticity, transparency, and earned trust. Today, Joy of Mom is over 2.5 Million Moms strong. Passionate, deeply engaged, and fiercely loyal with close to zero percent attrition. Even though the size and reach of Joy of Mom’s following is substantial, the community is intimate and feels as if moms are sitting together around one another’s kitchen table rather than around the world. Daily, they connect and support each other along the most profound journey women will ever travel (and tackle!): motherhood. Joy of Mom is motherhood online, built for moms by moms. For more, visit