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Si2 Announces Winners of Inaugural Power of Partnerships Awards

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Semiconductor design experts from Intel, Samsung and Synopsys are
winners of the first annual Si2 Power of Partnerships award which
recognizes the Si2 group or committee that has made the most significant
contributions to the success of electronic design automation industry.

Volunteers of the Si2 OpenAccess oaScript Working Group were the winners
of a competition between committees from each of three Si2 coalitions:
OpenAccess, Compact Model, and OpenStandards. Key contributors from the
oaScript Working Group will be recognized during the Si2 Annual Member
Meeting Reception at the Design Automation Conference in Las Vegas,
Monday, June 3, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. Las Vegas Westgate Hotel, Ballroom F.

Honorees from the oaScript Working Group are:

  • Rudy Albachten, oaScript Working Group Chair; Co-Chair, OpenAccess
    and Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Intel
  • James D. Masters, Engineering Manager, Intel
  • Cory Krug, Senior Staff Engineer, Samsung
  • Christian Delbaere, Senior Staff Research and Development Engineer,

Marshall Tiner, Si2 director of Production Standards, said the oaScript
Working Group plays a major role in expanding the functionality of
OpenAccess, the world’s most widely used standard API and reference
database for integrated circuit design. “This group has brought EDA
development capabilities directly to the designers. EDA startups and
design groups within end-user companies use it for rapid development of
production design tools that strengthen OpenAccess’ relevance,” Tiner

“The use of scripting languages, such as Python, to directly access the
OpenAccess database is a powerful feature. Turn-around time for creating
and modifying scripted code is very fast, and almost all new university
graduates are well-versed in one or more scripting languages. Beyond
this, there are a number of additional packages available, such as the
powerful Polygon Operators extension which relies on oaScript. Access to
AI tools, such as TensorFlow, which is built on Python, is now
accessible to our users,” Tiner added.

Each Si2 coalition nominated one team for the inaugural award, which
spotlights the essential role that teams and individual member
volunteers play in Si2’s continuing success:

Runners up in 2019 were:

Compact Model Coalition: Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility
Transistor (HEMT) Model Working Group, which released two standard
models in 2018, culminating a multi-year effort by members and

OpenStandards Coalition: Unified Power Model Working Group developed
several versions of a specification for system-level power modeling
focused on IP blocks of arbitrary complexity.

About Si2

Founded in 1988, Si2 is a leading research and development joint venture
that provides standard interoperability solutions for integrated circuit
design tools. All Si2 activities are carried out under the auspices of
The National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993, the
fundamental law that defines R&D joint ventures and offers them a large
measure of protection against federal antitrust laws. The Si2
international membership includes semiconductor foundries, fabless
manufacturers, and EDA companies.