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Siemens Expands Authorization for Shingle & Gibb Automation to Full Line Distributor in Virginia

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Shingle & Gibb Automation is pleased to announce that Siemens recently expanded Shingle’s authorized territory in Virginia to include the full line of Siemens products. An authorized partner and distributor of Siemens for more than 20 years, Shingle & Gibb’s coverage for Siemens now includes New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia as well as Florida.

Shingle and Gibb Automation continues to make significant investments regarding Siemens in the Virginia market. With added resources in both the sales and engineering areas, Shingle & Gibb is well positioned to provide service and support for the Siemens product line. In addition, Shingle & Gibb is closely aligned with the local Siemens team to offer joint marketing programs, initiatives and events in the Virginia market.

Rick Slaugh, Chief Operating Officer of Shingle & Gibb said, “As a long-standing partner with Siemens, we are excited for the opportunity to expand our reach within the Virginia market. Our solid relationship with the local Siemens team will allow us to build upon our past success and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.”

“As a key distributor partner in the Mid-Atlantic region, Shingle & Gibb Automation has shared great success with Siemens,” adds Kurt Covine, Regional Channel Manager, Siemens US. “Extending the full line of Siemens products to their authorization in Virginia will allow us to better serve the customers’ industrial automation needs.”

About Shingle & Gibb Automation

Shingle & Gibb Automation follows a time-honored commitment of providing the finest Industrial Automation & Networking, Motion Control, Machine Safety and Power Transmission products from world leading manufacturers, including Siemens, Banner Engineering, Turck and Rittal. Through longstanding partnerships with our Suppliers, we can provide innovative, cost effective and leading-edge products and solutions to our Customers. We also provide many services designed to make your job (and your life) easier, including:

  • An experienced, factory-trained, technically-focused and locally-based sales force to assist you and your entire team with all your automation projects, from conception and specification to completion
  • Knowledgeable and highly trained Customer Service Consultants
  • An in-house Applications Engineering Group to assist in designing, integrating and implementing your most challenging automation projects
  • Local inventory to help support all your automation requirements

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