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Signal A.I. Launches Political Media Index for the U.S. Democratic Primary Campaign

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Signal A.I., the artificial intelligence-powered media monitoring, reputation management, and market intelligence provider, have announced the launch of the U.S. Democratic Presidential Campaign Media Index. The Index analyzes print, online, and broadcast media coverage from nearly 3,000,000 potential sources, translated in real-time from over 80 languages, crossing all sorts of media. Signal A.I.’s award-winning product sits on the world’s largest repository of news and premium content, sifting through an ever-growing pool of 2.8 million sources including broadcast, international, online, trades, print, legal, and regulatory information.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the Index provides analysis of the sentiment towards specific candidates, hot-button issues of the day, and regional engagement in the early battleground states. As the primary season kicks into high-gear, Signal A.I. will be updating the Index on a regular basis.

Key Findings of the Index:

  • Since January 2019, the 24 candidates have been mentioned over 3 million times in over 1.6 million articles.
  • In comparison, President Trump has been mentioned in over 8 million articles during this time.
  • The top four candidates were (in order), Former Vice-President Biden, Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and Senator Harris. These four candidates have had over half of the coverage in the race so far.
  • The single most news generating event was Former Vice-President Biden’s official announcement. On that day, over 28,700 articles mentioned Biden. Biden’s announcement caused more coverage than the following candidates have each had since the New Year: Delaney, Swalwell, Ryan, Yang, Bennet, Moulton, Bullock, Williamson, Messam, and Gravel.

“For political campaigns, the traditional way of thinking about media cycles is dead and gone. In this new digital media era of daily verbal fistfights, it is often difficult to get a real understanding of momentum and which candidates are breaking through the crowded room to reach voters. The goal of our Index is to provide unique insights and intelligence that accesses the broadest and most diverse data sets available to show a true differentiation between the bell and the noise of this vibrant political campaign season,” said David Benigson, Signal A.I.’s CEO and co-founder. “Powered by our A.I. platform, the weekly Index will make it easy for voters, journalists, organizations and the general public to take a step back and gain insight on how the media narrative flows over time, not just on an hour by hour basis.”

For more information on the Signal A.I. U.S. Democratic Presidential Campaign Media Index and the first five months of data, visit here.

About the Signal A.I. Political Media Index

Signal A.I. is an apolitical, nonpartisan organization. The index uses artificial intelligence that tracks candidates as trained entities. An ‘entity’ can be any organization, individual, location, or event. In this case, Signal A.I. has trained its A.I. platform to recognize any time the candidates are mentioned. It understands context, synonyms, antonyms, and can disambiguate similar or identical keywords. This allows Signal A.I. to capture a much more complete picture of the candidates.

About Signal A.I.

Signal A.I. is an AI-powered business intelligence and media monitoring company that aggregates, analyzes, and provides business leaders with insights into digital, print and broadcast media, news, and regulatory data. Signal’s cutting-edge machine learning enables businesses to track their competitive landscape, changes to regulation, and monitor their reputation—empowering them to make smarter, faster business decisions.

For more information on the Signal A.I. platform, visit the Signal A.I. website here.