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Significant Patent Win for TQ Delta

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TQ Delta LLC, a technology development and licensing firm, secured
another favorable judgment last week when a Delaware federal jury found
that 2Wire Inc. infringed three of TQ Delta’s patents related to Digital
Subscriber Line (“DSL”) technology. 2Wire is a subsidiary of ARRIS
Solutions, which was recently acquired by CommScope Inc.

TQ Delta’s patents cover important memory sharing capabilities for DSL
modems and central office equipment, among other inventions. TQ Delta
notes that these inventions are widely employed not just in the United
States, but around the world.

This ruling represents another victory for TQ Delta’s ongoing licensing
business. Earlier this year, the High Court of Justice of England and
Wales also found in favor of TQ Delta on another patent from its deep
portfolio of DSL inventions. The UK
against ZyXEL Communications UK Ltd and its Danish parent
company, ZyXEL Communications A/S (both subsidiaries of Unizyx Holding
Corporation) found TQ Delta’s European Patent (UK) 1 453 268 valid and
infringed, as well as essential to the standards for ADSL2 and VDSL2.
The Court granted an immediate injunction and award of costs against the
ZyXEL defendants. ZyXEL defendants have appealed some elements of the
judgment and that appeal is pending. TQ Delta’s worldwide portfolio
spans a broad range of standard essential patents (“SEPs”) and non-SEPs
that are central to key broadband network technologies. In addition to
validation by courts in the US and UK, TQ Delta has successfully
licensed its technology to key market participants.

The most recent verdict was announced on May 23 following a nearly
four-day trial in the United States District Court for the District of
Delaware. After deliberation, the eight-member jury returned a favorable
verdict on all eleven counts, finding that 2Wire infringed U.S. Patent
nos. 7,836,381, 7,844,882 and 8,276,048, that those patents were not
obvious over prior art, and that two certificates of correction were not

“We are pleased with the jury’s decision affirming the strength and
importance of our portfolio of inventions, which are the culmination of
years of investment in standards development and communications
technologies,” said Abha Divine, Managing Director of TQ Delta.

TQ Delta has supported continued development of DSL markets by
maintaining a longstanding business strategy designed to ensure
advancements in the technology. “The TQ Delta portfolio and continued
investment in the field contributes to the past, present, and future of
high-speed DSL connections around the world. We have already licensed
several companies to practice the important inventions under our DSL
portfolio and will continue to seek to license others through business
negotiations,” said Divine.

TQ Delta was represented by McAndrews, Held, and Malloy, Ltd., a firm
specializing in intellectual property prosecution, counselling, and
dispute resolution.

Lead trial attorney, Peter McAndrews, explained that “The Defendant’s
strategy was to trivialize the important inventions at issue. We are
pleased that the jury vindicated the inventors’ hard work and our
client’s commitment to innovation.”

TQ Delta maintains a sizable patent portfolio for digital communication
technology, including DSL.

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