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Silverfort and Ping Identity Partner to Unify Risk Based Authentication Across Cloud and Hybrid Environments

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Silverfort, the unified identity protection company, today announced that it has joined forces with Ping Identity to help customers unify risk analysis of authentication and access attempts across on-premises and multi-cloud environments to detect and prevent identity-based attacks.

According to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, 61 percent of breaches are attributed to compromised credentials, which is the primary means by which hackers access sensitive data.

The integration of the Silverfort platform with PingFederate enables organizations to apply universal risk-based monitoring and assessment of authentication activity for on-premises and cloud environments, and proactively prevent threats. The combined solution also makes it possible to extend identity-based controls to previously unprotected on-premises resources including servers and workstations, homegrown legacy apps, file shares and more. These capabilities can detect advanced attacks in hybrid environments with unmatched accuracy, trigger security policy enforcement and maintain a friction-free user experience.

“The Silverfort and Ping Identity integration enables customers to implement zero trust identity security while providing seamless authentication experiences for users,” said Loren Russon, VP of Product Management at Ping Identity. “Whether applications are in the cloud, on-premises, federated or hybrid, Ping Identity and Silverfort make it possible to see the true context of authentication with AI-based risk analysis and apply adaptive access policies that defend against identity related security threats.”

“Detecting risky authentication and access requests across hybrid and cloud environments requires a unified approach that can span multiple identity providers and data silos,” said Yaron Kassner, CTO of Silverfort. “The combination of Silverfort and Ping Identity provides the visibility, risk analysis and policy enforcement needed to detect and respond to identity-based threats, while remaining transparent to authorized users.”

The Silverfort-PingFederate integration provides the following benefits:

  • Transparently redirects authentication requests from all applications federated by PingFederate to the Silverfort platform for risk analysis
  • Silverfort evaluates each request based on the full context of the user account, including its recent on-premises authentication and access activity
  • If risky behavior is detected, Silverfort applies an access policy that is enforced across the customer’s entire environment, including on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud
  • Provides protection against lateral movement by attackers across hybrid infrastructures as well as full visibility and an audit trail of each user’s authentication activity

On Tuesday, June 22 from 1:30pm – 1:55pm MDT, Yaron Kassner will present a virtual session at the Ping Identity identiverse conference entitled Why Lateral Movement is an Identity-Based Attack. To register, please visit this link.


The Silverfort and PingFederate solutions are available immediately from Silverfort and Ping Identity, respectively, and their business partners worldwide.

About Silverfort

Silverfort has created a Unified Identity Protection Platform that consolidates security controls across corporate networks and cloud environments to block identity-based attacks. Using innovative agentless and proxyless technology, Silverfort seamlessly integrates with all existing IAM solutions extending their coverage to assets that cannot otherwise be protected including homegrown/legacy applications, IT infrastructure, file systems, command-line tools, machine-to-machine access, and more. It continuously monitors all access by users and service accounts across both cloud and on-premise environments, analyzes risk in real-time using an AI-based engine, and enforces adaptive authentication and access policies

The company has been named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’, 451 Research ‘FireStarter’, CNBC ‘Upstart 100’, Citi’s Most Promising Fintech Startups for 2020 in the Cybersecurity Category and Most Promising Cybersecurity Startup of the Year by CDM Magazine. For more information, visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Ping Identity

Ping Identity is the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise. We enable companies to achieve Zero Trust identity-defined security and more personalized, streamlined user experiences. The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform provides customers, workforce, and partners with access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications across the hybrid enterprise. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 choose us for our identity expertise, open standards, and partnerships with companies including Microsoft and Amazon. We provide flexible identity solutions that accelerate digital business initiatives, delight customers, and secure the enterprise through multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security, directory, and data governance capabilities. For more information, visit