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simPRO and Outlook Calendar Two-Way Integration Streamlines Scheduling and Optimises Office-to-Field Communication.

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Leading field service operations management software company, simPRO,
has released a two-way integration with popular business tool Microsoft
Outlook 365. The integration fuses Outlook and simPRO calendars so that
jobs, activities or events scheduled are viewable in both systems.

With real-time syncing, calendar events are viewable instantly in both
simPRO and Outlook 365 from the moment the integration is enabled. This
means office staff can instantly book customer appointments, and place
them on any synced staff members calendar without having to contact them
directly to confirm their schedule.

“We want our users to be able to operate their business from end-to-end
within the simPRO solution,” Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Eastgate
said, “and so we are continuing to develop as many ways as possible for
simPRO to become that business’ single source of truth through
integrations like this.”

Users can schedule a lead, quote, job or activity within simPRO and the
details will automatically be placed into Outlook Calendar for
corresponding staff members.

Events listed in the Outlook calendar offer a number of details for a
simPRO-scheduled job, quote or lead including: the date and time, job or
lead number, customer name, site address and cost centre or lead

“It’s about getting the information exchanged between office and field
staff as quickly as possible, and streamlining scheduling,” Eastgate
explained, “We want people in the office and field to be able to access
information quickly and efficiently.”

The sync can be set up for any Outlook 365 calendar, regardless of
whether staff members hold a simPRO licence. This means that for those
who do not yet have simPRO licences for their entire team, there is now
an easy way to understand staff member availability by syncing their
Outlook calendar with simPRO.

To ensure privacy is also maintained when integrating a personal
calendar tool with a job management system, simPRO will only show
Outlook-originated calendar items as ‘Busy’ with no specific details

simPRO’s Office 365 Outlook calendar sync enhances field service
scheduling efficiency and improves customer service. With meeting
availability and calendar management features, users can instantly
schedule leads, quotes, jobs and activities for any staff member, even
if they are not a simPRO user.

Business owners, scheduling staff and other key team members can
streamline field service scheduling and optimise their communications
with this exciting, new simPRO and Microsoft Outlook 365 integration.

About simPRO

simPRO provides business management cloud solutions for the trade and
specialty contracting industry. It’s products cater to a range of
business including security professionals, plumbers, electricians, HVAC,
solar, data networking, and others. simPRO eliminates the hassle of
field service management, reduces paperwork, refines office processes,
streamlines field operations, increases profit, maximizes your
workforce, and enables more business growth.

With customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the
United Kingdom, simPRO provides global leadership for trade and
specialty contractors worldwide. The company’s Australian headquarters
are located in Brisbane, Australia.

In 2016, simPRO secured US$31 million in growth capital as part of an
aggressive product innovation and expansion strategy that has seen the
company enter the United States and the United Kingdom over the last two

At the end of 2018, simPRO had more than 4,800 clients and 120,000 users
globally, with clients ranging from small contracting operations through
to corporate enterprises with thousands of staff.