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Simu-Learn Corporation Set to Transform High Growth eLearning Market

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Simu-Learn Corporation, a new U.S. company focused on next-generation simulation-based learning and training, established its U.S. headquarters today with ambitious plans to transform the estimated $275 billion global eLearning market. Simu-Learn’s innovative core eLearning solution was created and developed in New Zealand and successfully deployed internationally since 2008.

The Board of Directors named Clancy Marshall as Simu-Learn’s CEO. Ms. Marshall is a technology veteran with a 20-year track record of innovation leading education-based, content enriched online platforms. She has held leadership roles at Pearson, 20 Million Minds Foundation, DynamicBooks, Macmillan and EdTech startup Cleverywhere.

“Ms. Marshall is a proven leader with entrepreneurial experience and deep domain expertise to build and lead Simu-Learn to global success,” said Peter Crosby, Chairman of the Board of Simu-Learn. “New Zealand was an ideal location to develop the Sim family of eLearning products. Under Ms. Marshall’s leadership, Simu-Learn is poised to expand into new and unrealized markets.”

Simu-Learn offers a robust interactive authoring and assessment tool for creating real-world simulation-based training experiences for learners without risk. The platform is complemented by Simu-Learn’s comprehensive library of rich content. Ms. Marshall will oversee and manage the New Zealand companies SimTutor, creator of the authoring tools, and SIMTICS, curator of rich content.

The Simu-Learn products will continue to target its existing customer base of healthcare, construction, retail and regulated industries with plans to expand into growth markets. Current healthcare customers include Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Purdue Global University. Medtronic is Simu-Learn’s first new customer.

“Workforce training continues to evolve by infusing technology advancements enabling eLearning to be more realistic and relevant,” said Marshall. “Simulation eLearning is recognized as the more effective way to implement real-world kinetics risk-based tasks found in health care applications, emergency training and product orientation.”

According to Orbis Research, the eLearning market is at the tipping point for massive global expansion. Driving the expansion is an appetite for realism and platforms providing powerful simulation authoring capabilities creating more options for industrial instructors. Orbis Research projects the eLearning market will reach $275 billion by 2022, a high growth CAGR of 9.5 percent for the period of 2017–2026. The eLearning market is valued at an estimated US$176.12 billion as of 2017.

About Simu-Learn

Simu-Learn Corporation offers cloud-based interactive kinesthetic-style simulation eLearning, authoring tools and content solutions to enhance the skills and understanding of global workforces. Companies can purchase market-specific solutions for their employees and instructional designers can purchase a comprehensive suite of content and authoring tools to easily create, manage and deliver custom or semi-custom learning modules.