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SimulTV Picks Limelight Networks’ Edge Compute Services for Global Delivery of Its Fast-Growing Video Network

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Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and edge cloud services, today announced that SimulTV selected its Edge Compute services to help deliver more than 130 live, online channels worldwide. Working with Limelight, SimulTV is able to accelerate its time-to-market in key regions and ensure quality viewing experiences.

SimulTV leverages cross-platform technology such as Over-The-Air (OTA) and Over-The-Top (OTT) broadcasting to deliver quality, family entertainment to people around the world on TVs, Smart TVs, tablets, computers, and mobile phones.

“Limelight Edge Compute gives SimulTV the firepower to compete in major global markets and go up against the big guys,” said Steven Turner, CEO at SimulTV. “We’re a new, growing company and having Limelight’s infrastructure gives us the ability to deliver a consistent, broadcast-quality consumer video experience, anywhere in the world. I also wanted a partner that wouldn’t pass the buck, someone that would solve issues and that’s what I get with Limelight. It’s a serious competitive advantage to have Limelight Edge Compute fueling our growth.”

Limelight’s Edge Compute services leveraged by SimulTV and many others, are part of the company’s leading edge offering which ranges from dedicated compute capabilities to serverless environments. All edge services from Limelight have direct access to the company’s private IP backbone, peering relationships with 1,000+ ISPs, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers. As a result, customers can easily deploy applications and code closest to where it’s being consumed, reducing latency and costs while ensuring optimal end-user experiences.

“SimulTV is a great example of the immediate business impact our customers are seeing with Edge Compute. Because operations such as encoding, storage, origination, and server side ad insertion have all been moved into our Edge Compute, SimulTV’s entire workflow now operates inside the Limelight service platform. Our CDN handles delivery, but the ad insertion and other aspects of the workflow are all now closer to the audience as well. This has shown both performance improvements and cost controls for the customer,” said Steve Miller-Jones, VP, Edge Strategic & Solutions Architecture.

About SimulTV

SimulTV is an OTT, OTA, and IPTV network founded as a division of Interconnect Media Network Systems by CEO Steven Turner, currently broadcasting more than 130 live channels worldwide with up to 4k quality. Streaming videos, thousands of movies and Videos On Demand, as well as popular channels including Sony Movie Channel, GetTV, Bloomberg News, InfoWars, HDNet, AXSTV, CineSony, Kid Central, Mythos, The X Zone, Battery Pop, Thrillerz, Euronews, and over a hundred more channels.

About Limelight

Limelight Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLNW), a leading provider of digital content delivery, video, cloud security, and edge computing services, empowers customers to provide exceptional digital experiences. Limelight’s edge services platform includes a unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent software, and expert support services that enable current and future workflows. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.