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Simure: Viking Saga, a Brand New Simulation RPG by YOOZOO Games is now in Early Access for Android

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Gtarcade, the leading mobile game publisher known for its popular titles such as Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming or Legacy of Discord, is excited to announce a new simulation RPG, Simure: Viking Saga developed by YOOZOO Games, that is now going into early access on Google Play in US, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia.

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Simure: Viking Saga early access open on March 25th, 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Simure: Viking Saga early access open on March 25th, 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

In Simure: Viking Saga, players will simulate the life of a Viking Jarl in the 8th century and lead their clans to fight for survival and glory. The game presents a detailed depiction of Viking life with realistic and vibrant illustrations and environment designs, creating an immersive experience. Throughout history, the Vikings were a formidable people that valued strength and bravery, sailing the savage seas in search of new lands. In Simure: Viking Saga, players get to experience these various facets of Viking life.

Key features of Simure: Viking Saga include:

  • Living the life of a true Viking, either as a beloved and respected leader or a feared warlord
  • Governing your territory properly by collecting resources and training your soldiers to gradually strengthen your power
  • Recruiting legendary heroes to fight alongside you and grow your influence
  • Sailing away into the unknown, encountering new cultures and collecting exotic treasures

The early access starts on March 25th at the following local times and will last for a week:

  • 1am (West Coast US)
  • 4am (East Coast US)
  • 5am (Brazil)
  • 8am (UK)
  • 9am (Germany)
  • 11am (Russia)
  • 3pm (Indonesia)

During early access, players can redeem new characters at daily log-in. Players will also be rewarded with in-game currency, resources and passes to in-game content for following the game’s Facebook and Discord and for completing an in-game survey. Although the early access accounts will be reset after the test period, any purchases of in-game currencies will get a 200% return when the game officially launches.

For more information on the early access, check out this post. You can find the official Simure: Viking Saga press kit including the factsheet and imagery here.