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Sionic Mobile Selects CyberSource For Its ULink Connected Commerce Services

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, the leading provider of cloud-based connected commerce
services, today announced it has selected CyberSource®, a
Visa payment management platform, to provide its payment security
solution and digital card payment services for the Company’s ULink

ULink, a universal linking service connecting mobile consumers and
brick-and-mortar merchants, will leverage CyberSource’s Token Management
Service to manage consumers’ payment card security and payment
processing platform to submit card payment authorizations to
participating merchants.

“We are thrilled to be working with the CyberSource team and its payment
security and processing services as we build out ULink in our new Google
Cloud environment,” said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic
Mobile. “Consumers can trust their debit and credit cards are safely and
securely managed when creating their ULink profile and merchants can
rely on CyberSource’s proven card payment processing capabilities.”

Through CyberSource, ULink will natively support Google Pay and other
digital wallets in addition to tokenized cards on file.

About Sionic Mobile

Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile is a leading provider of connected commerce
services, leveraging retail clients’ investments in online ordering,
parking and hotel reservation technologies and partners’ substantial
base of consumers. The Company’s ULink universal account
linking service helps augment brands’ technology investments by
delivering convenience services to consumers without the need to
download multiple apps: buy food for skip-the-line takeout or delivery;
buy fuel; pay for parking; and, book hotel rooms. The services work with
the Waze® mobile app and Google® messaging chatbot
agents. Retailers pay a small marketing fee when customers pay using
their ULink profile. Visit